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Bug 1656854 - Part 2: Add a BrowsingContextGroup keepalive to BrowserParent shutdown, r=farre In bug 1652085, I added BrowsingContextGroup keepalives while waiting for replies to the discard message, however that message isn't actually sent to the current owner process. Instead, the BrowsingContext is discarded by the PBrowser being destroyed. This should help ensure we also keep the group alive during normal BrowserParent destruction. Differential Revision:

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_serviceworkerregistrationinfo_h
#define mozilla_dom_serviceworkerregistrationinfo_h

#include <functional>

#include "mozilla/dom/ServiceWorkerInfo.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/ServiceWorkerRegistrationBinding.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor.h"
#include "nsContentUtils.h"
#include "nsProxyRelease.h"
#include "nsTObserverArray.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

class ServiceWorkerRegistrationListener;

class ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo final
    : public nsIServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo {
  nsCOMPtr<nsIPrincipal> mPrincipal;
  ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor mDescriptor;
  nsTArray<nsCOMPtr<nsIServiceWorkerRegistrationInfoListener>> mListeners;
  nsTObserverArray<ServiceWorkerRegistrationListener*> mInstanceList;

  struct VersionEntry {
    const ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor mDescriptor;
    TimeStamp mTimeStamp;

    explicit VersionEntry(
        const ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor& aDescriptor)
        : mDescriptor(aDescriptor), mTimeStamp(TimeStamp::Now()) {}
  nsTArray<UniquePtr<VersionEntry>> mVersionList;

  const nsID mAgentClusterId = nsContentUtils::GenerateUUID();

  uint32_t mControlledClientsCounter;
  uint32_t mDelayMultiplier;

  enum { NoUpdate, NeedTimeCheckAndUpdate, NeedUpdate } mUpdateState;

  // Timestamp to track SWR's last update time
  PRTime mCreationTime;
  TimeStamp mCreationTimeStamp;
  // The time of update is 0, if SWR've never been updated yet.
  PRTime mLastUpdateTime;

  RefPtr<ServiceWorkerInfo> mEvaluatingWorker;
  RefPtr<ServiceWorkerInfo> mActiveWorker;
  RefPtr<ServiceWorkerInfo> mWaitingWorker;
  RefPtr<ServiceWorkerInfo> mInstallingWorker;

  virtual ~ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo();

  // When unregister() is called on a registration, it is removed from the
  // "scope to registration map" but not immediately "cleared" (i.e. its workers
  // terminated, updated to the redundant state, etc.) because it may still be
  // controlling clients. It is marked as unregistered and when all controlled
  // clients go away, cleared. This way we can tell if a registration
  // is unregistered by querying the object itself rather than incurring a table
  // lookup (in the case when the registrations are passed around as pointers).
  bool mUnregistered;

  bool mCorrupt;


  typedef std::function<void()> TryToActivateCallback;

  ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo(const nsACString& aScope,
                                nsIPrincipal* aPrincipal,
                                ServiceWorkerUpdateViaCache aUpdateViaCache);

  void AddInstance(ServiceWorkerRegistrationListener* aInstance,
                   const ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor& aDescriptor);

  void RemoveInstance(ServiceWorkerRegistrationListener* aInstance);

  const nsCString& Scope() const;

  nsIPrincipal* Principal() const;

  bool IsUnregistered() const;

  void SetUnregistered();

  already_AddRefed<ServiceWorkerInfo> Newest() const {
    RefPtr<ServiceWorkerInfo> newest;
    if (mInstallingWorker) {
      newest = mInstallingWorker;
    } else if (mWaitingWorker) {
      newest = mWaitingWorker;
    } else {
      newest = mActiveWorker;

    return newest.forget();

  already_AddRefed<ServiceWorkerInfo> NewestIncludingEvaluating() const {
    if (mEvaluatingWorker) {
      RefPtr<ServiceWorkerInfo> newest = mEvaluatingWorker;
      return newest.forget();
    return Newest();

  already_AddRefed<ServiceWorkerInfo> GetServiceWorkerInfoById(uint64_t aId);

  void StartControllingClient() {
    mDelayMultiplier = 0;

  void StopControllingClient() {

  bool IsControllingClients() const {
    return mActiveWorker && mControlledClientsCounter;

  // As a side effect, this nullifies
  // `m{Evaluating,Installing,Waiting,Active}Worker`s.
  void ShutdownWorkers();

  void Clear();

  void ClearAsCorrupt();

  bool IsCorrupt() const;

  void TryToActivateAsync(TryToActivateCallback&& aCallback = nullptr);

  void TryToActivate(TryToActivateCallback&& aCallback);

  void Activate();

  void FinishActivate(bool aSuccess);

  void RefreshLastUpdateCheckTime();

  bool IsLastUpdateCheckTimeOverOneDay() const;

  void MaybeScheduleTimeCheckAndUpdate();

  void MaybeScheduleUpdate();

  bool CheckAndClearIfUpdateNeeded();

  ServiceWorkerInfo* GetEvaluating() const;

  ServiceWorkerInfo* GetInstalling() const;

  ServiceWorkerInfo* GetWaiting() const;

  ServiceWorkerInfo* GetActive() const;

  ServiceWorkerInfo* GetByDescriptor(
      const ServiceWorkerDescriptor& aDescriptor) const;

  // Set the given worker as the evaluating service worker.  The worker
  // state is not changed.
  void SetEvaluating(ServiceWorkerInfo* aServiceWorker);

  // Remove an existing evaluating worker, if present.  The worker will
  // be transitioned to the Redundant state.
  void ClearEvaluating();

  // Remove an existing installing worker, if present.  The worker will
  // be transitioned to the Redundant state.
  void ClearInstalling();

  // Transition the current evaluating worker to be the installing worker.  The
  // worker's state is update to Installing.
  void TransitionEvaluatingToInstalling();

  // Transition the current installing worker to be the waiting worker.  The
  // worker's state is updated to Installed.
  void TransitionInstallingToWaiting();

  // Override the current active worker.  This is used during browser
  // initialization to load persisted workers.  Its also used to propagate
  // active workers across child processes in e10s.  This second use will
  // go away once the ServiceWorkerManager moves to the parent process.
  // The worker is transitioned to the Activated state.
  void SetActive(ServiceWorkerInfo* aServiceWorker);

  // Transition the current waiting worker to be the new active worker.  The
  // worker is updated to the Activating state.
  void TransitionWaitingToActive();

  // Determine if the registration is actively performing work.
  bool IsIdle() const;

  ServiceWorkerUpdateViaCache GetUpdateViaCache() const;

  void SetUpdateViaCache(ServiceWorkerUpdateViaCache aUpdateViaCache);

  int64_t GetLastUpdateTime() const;

  void SetLastUpdateTime(const int64_t aTime);

  const ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor& Descriptor() const;

  uint64_t Id() const;

  uint64_t Version() const;

  uint32_t GetUpdateDelay(const bool aWithMultiplier = true);

  void FireUpdateFound();

  void NotifyCleared();

  void ClearWhenIdle();

  const nsID& AgentClusterId() const;

  // Roughly equivalent to [[Update Registration State algorithm]]. Make sure
  // this is called *before* updating SW instances' state, otherwise they
  // may get CC-ed.
  void UpdateRegistrationState();

  void UpdateRegistrationState(ServiceWorkerUpdateViaCache aUpdateViaCache);

  // Used by devtools to track changes to the properties of
  // *nsIServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo*. Note, this doesn't necessarily need to
  // be in sync with the DOM registration objects, but it does need to be called
  // in the same task that changed |mInstallingWorker|, |mWaitingWorker| or
  // |mActiveWorker|.
  void NotifyChromeRegistrationListeners();

  static uint64_t GetNextId();

  static uint64_t GetNextVersion();

  // `aFunc`'s argument will be a reference to
  // `m{Evaluating,Installing,Waiting,Active}Worker` (not to copy of them).
  // Additionally, a null check will be performed for each worker before each
  // call to `aFunc`, so `aFunc` will always get a reference to a non-null
  // pointer.
  void ForEachWorker(void (*aFunc)(RefPtr<ServiceWorkerInfo>&));

}  // namespace dom
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_dom_serviceworkerregistrationinfo_h