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Backed out changeset 696485034af5 (bug 1742916) for causing reftest test failures on woff2-totalsfntsize.html. CLOSED TREE

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(feb979a8-f8cc-4522-9dff-6c055ca50762)]
interface nsIAudioDeviceInfo : nsISupports
  readonly attribute AString name;

  readonly attribute AString groupId;

  readonly attribute AString vendor;

  // type: Unknown/Input/Output
  const unsigned short TYPE_UNKNOWN = 0;
  const unsigned short TYPE_INPUT   = 1;
  const unsigned short TYPE_OUTPUT  = 2;
  readonly attribute unsigned short type;

  // state: Disabled/Unplugged/Enabled
  const unsigned short STATE_DISABLED   = 0;
  const unsigned short STATE_UNPLUGGED  = 1;
  const unsigned short STATE_ENABLED    = 2;
  readonly attribute unsigned short state;

  // preferred: None/Multimedia/Voice/Notification/All
  const unsigned short PREF_NONE          = 0x00;
  const unsigned short PREF_MULTIMEDIA    = 0x01;
  const unsigned short PREF_VOICE         = 0x02;
  const unsigned short PREF_NOTIFICATION  = 0x04;
  const unsigned short PREF_ALL           = 0x0F;
  readonly attribute unsigned short preferred;

  // supported format, default format: S16LE/S16BE/F32LE/F32BE
  const unsigned short FMT_S16LE = 0x0010;
  const unsigned short FMT_S16BE = 0x0020;
  const unsigned short FMT_F32LE = 0x1000;
  const unsigned short FMT_F32BE = 0x2000;
  readonly attribute unsigned short supportedFormat;
  readonly attribute unsigned short defaultFormat;

  // Max number of channels: [1, 255]
  readonly attribute unsigned long maxChannels;

  readonly attribute unsigned long defaultRate;
  readonly attribute unsigned long maxRate;
  readonly attribute unsigned long minRate;

  readonly attribute unsigned long maxLatency;
  readonly attribute unsigned long minLatency;