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#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

#import "mozView.h"

/* This protocol's primary use is so widget/cocoa can talk back to us

   ChildView owns the topmost mozRootAccessible, and needs to take care of
   setting up that parent/child relationship.

   This protocol is thus used to make sure it knows it's talking to us, and not
   just some random |id|.

@protocol mozAccessible <NSObject>

// returns whether this accessible is the root accessible. there is one
// root accessible per window.
- (BOOL)isRoot;

// some mozAccessibles implement accessibility support in place of another
// object. for example, ChildView gets its support from us.
// instead of returning a mozAccessible to the OS when it wants an object, we
// need to pass the view we represent, so the OS doesn't get confused and think
// we return some random object.
- (BOOL)hasRepresentedView;
- (id)representedView;

/*** general ***/

// returns the accessible at the specified point.
- (id)accessibilityHitTest:(NSPoint)point;

// whether this element should be exposed to platform.
- (BOOL)isAccessibilityElement;

// currently focused UI element (possibly a child accessible)
- (id)accessibilityFocusedUIElement;

/*** attributes ***/

// all supported attributes
- (NSArray*)accessibilityAttributeNames;

// value for given attribute.
- (id)accessibilityAttributeValue:(NSString*)attribute;

// whether a particular attribute can be modified
- (BOOL)accessibilityIsAttributeSettable:(NSString*)attribute;

/*** actions ***/

- (NSArray*)accessibilityActionNames;
- (NSString*)accessibilityActionDescription:(NSString*)action;
- (void)accessibilityPerformAction:(NSString*)action;