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Backed out changeset af4327fd49cd (bug 1361661) for bustage in TelemetryProcessData.h. r=backout

# This lists the known child processes we collect Telemetry for.
# The entries are keyed with the names used in Telemetry internally, the same name that is used
# in the main pings payload, i.e. "payload/processes/<process name>". See:
# For now this is only used to inform the data pipeline about new processes, but will be used to
# generate headers with C++ data later (enums, strings, ...).
  description: This is the main process. It is also known as the parent or chrome process.
  description: This is for processes web content is rendered in.
  description: >
    This is the WebExtension process. It is a re-used content process, with the data submitted
    separately to avoid skewing other content process Telemetry.
  description: This is the compositor or GPU process.