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Bug 1346211 - Part 7: Clobber after modifying ICU data file. r=clobber

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include "mozilla/dom/TabMessageUtils.h";

include protocol PBrowser;
include PBrowserOrId;

using UIStateChangeType from "nsPIDOMWindow.h";
using mozilla::OriginAttributes from "mozilla/ipc/BackgroundUtils.h";

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

// An IPCTabContext which corresponds to a PBrowser opened by a child when it
// receives
// If isMozBrowserElement is false, this PopupIPCTabContext is either a
// <xul:browser> or an app frame.  The frame's app-id and app-frame-owner-app-id
// will be equal to the opener's values.  For a <xul:browser>, those app IDs
// will be NO_APP_ID.
// If isMozBrowserElement is true, the frame's browserFrameOwnerAppId will be
// equal to the opener's app-id.
// It's an error to set isMozBrowserElement == false if opener is a mozbrowser
// element.  Such a PopupIPCTabContext should be rejected by code which receives
// it.
struct PopupIPCTabContext
  PBrowserOrId opener;
  bool isMozBrowserElement;
  uint64_t chromeOuterWindowID;

// An IPCTabContext which corresponds to an app, browser, or normal frame.
struct FrameIPCTabContext
  // The originAttributes dictionary.
  OriginAttributes originAttributes;

  // Whether this is a mozbrowser frame.  <iframe mozbrowser mozapp> and
  // <xul:browser> are not considered to be mozbrowser frames.
  bool isMozBrowserElement;

  uint64_t chromeOuterWindowID;

  // The requested presentation URL.
  // This value would be empty if the TabContext isn't created for
  // presented content.
  nsString presentationURL;

  // Keyboard indicator state inherited from the parent.
  UIStateChangeType showAccelerators;
  UIStateChangeType showFocusRings;

struct JSPluginFrameIPCTabContext
  uint32_t jsPluginId;

// XXXcatalinb: This is only used by ServiceWorkerClients::OpenWindow.
// Because service workers don't have an associated TabChild
// we can't satisfy the security constraints on b2g. As such, the parent
// process will accept this tab context only on desktop.
struct UnsafeIPCTabContext
{ };

// IPCTabContext is an analog to mozilla::dom::TabContext.  Both specify an
// iframe/PBrowser's own and containing app-ids and tell you whether the
// iframe/PBrowser is a browser frame.  But only IPCTabContext is allowed to
// travel over IPC.
// We need IPCTabContext (specifically, PopupIPCTabContext) to prevent a
// privilege escalation attack by a compromised child process.
union IPCTabContext