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Bug 699051. Report slow prepared SQL statements to Telemetry. r=sdwilsh.

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#ifndef mozStoragePrivateHelpers_h
#define mozStoragePrivateHelpers_h

 * This file contains convenience methods for mozStorage.

#include "sqlite3.h"
#include "nsIVariant.h"
#include "mozStorage.h"
#include "jsapi.h"
#include "nsAutoPtr.h"

class mozIStorageCompletionCallback;
class mozIStorageBaseStatement;
class mozIStorageBindingParams;
class nsIRunnable;

namespace mozilla {
namespace storage {

//// Macros

#define ENSURE_INDEX_VALUE(aIndex, aCount) \

//// Functions

 * Converts a SQLite return code to an nsresult return code.
 * @param aSQLiteResultCode
 *        The SQLite return code to convert.
 * @returns the corresponding nsresult code for aSQLiteResultCode.
nsresult convertResultCode(int aSQLiteResultCode);

 * Checks the performance of a SQLite statement and logs a warning with
 * NS_WARNING.  Currently this only checks the number of sort operations done
 * on a statement, and if more than zero have been done, the statement can be
 * made faster with the careful use of an index.
 * @param aStatement
 *        The sqlite3_stmt object to check.
void checkAndLogStatementPerformance(sqlite3_stmt *aStatement);

 * Convert the provided jsval into a variant representation if possible.
 * @param aCtx
 *        The JSContext the value is from.
 * @param aValue
 *        The JavaScript value to convert.  All primitive types are supported,
 *        but only Date objects are supported from the Date family.  Date
 *        objects are coerced to PRTime (nanoseconds since epoch) values.
 * @return the variant if conversion was successful, nsnull if conversion
 *         failed.  The caller is responsible for addref'ing if non-null.
nsIVariant *convertJSValToVariant(JSContext *aCtx, jsval aValue);

 * Obtains an event that will notify a completion callback about completion.
 * @param aCallback
 *        The callback to be notified.
 * @return an nsIRunnable that can be dispatched to the calling thread.
already_AddRefed<nsIRunnable> newCompletionEvent(
  mozIStorageCompletionCallback *aCallback

} // namespace storage
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozStoragePrivateHelpers_h