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servo: Merge #10848 - Add Servo_GetStyleFoo functions to get style structs from GeckoComputedValues (from heycam:struct-accessor); r=bholley r?@bholley Source-Repo: Source-Revision: e079e01320cf4b0f80c7d6307cf6d53fe7703ec4

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<%namespace name="helpers" file="/" />
<% from data import Method %>

// Non-standard properties that Gecko uses for XUL elements.
<% data.new_style_struct("XUL", inherited=False) %>

${helpers.single_keyword("-moz-box-align", "stretch start center baseline end", products="gecko",
                         gecko_ffi_name="mBoxAlign", gecko_constant_prefix="NS_STYLE_BOX_ALIGN")}