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Thu, 07 Feb 2019 20:17:02 +0000
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Bug 1515746 - [flake8] Unsupport subdir .flake8 files and use new 'per-file-ignores' config instead, r=egao This removes all .flake8 files except for the one at the root of the repo. Instead we use the new 'per-file-ignores' config introduced in 3.7. To ignore specific errors in a subdirectory, add a line like this to the root .flake8: [per-file-ignores] path/to/subdir/*: E100, F200, ... The reasons for this change are: 1. Unblock flake8 blacklist (bug 1367092). 2. Simplify configuration and code. 3. Encourage more consistent styling. 4. Improve performance. 5. Greater editor consistency. Differential Revision:

import os

import mozunit
import pytest

LINTER = 'flake8'

def test_lint_single_file(lint, paths):
    results = lint(paths(''))
    assert len(results) == 2
    assert results[0].rule == 'F401'
    assert results[1].rule == 'E501'
    assert results[1].lineno == 5

    # run lint again to make sure the previous results aren't counted twice
    results = lint(paths(''))
    assert len(results) == 2

def test_lint_custom_config_ignored(lint, paths):
    results = lint(paths('custom'))
    assert len(results) == 2

    results = lint(paths('custom/'))
    assert len(results) == 2

def test_lint_fix(lint, create_temp_file):
    contents = """
import distutils

def foobar():

    path = create_temp_file(contents, name='')
    results = lint([path])
    assert len(results) == 2

    # Make sure the missing blank line is fixed, but the unused import isn't.
    results = lint([path], fix=True)
    assert len(results) == 1

    # Also test with a directory
    path = os.path.dirname(create_temp_file(contents, name=''))
    results = lint([path], fix=True)
    # There should now be two files with 2 combined errors
    assert len(results) == 2
    assert all(r.rule != 'E501' for r in results)

def test_lint_fix_uses_config(lint, create_temp_file):
    contents = """
foo = ['A list of strings', 'that go over 80 characters', 'to test if autopep8 fixes it']

    path = create_temp_file(contents, name='')
    lint([path], fix=True)

    # Make sure autopep8 reads the global config under lintargs['root']. If it
    # didn't, then the line-length over 80 would get fixed.
    with open(path, 'r') as fh:
        assert == contents

@pytest.mark.xfail(reason="Bug 1277851 - custom configs are ignored if specifying a parent path")
def test_lint_custom_config_from_parent_path(lint, paths):
    results = lint(paths(), collapse_results=True)
    assert paths('custom/')[0] not in results

@pytest.mark.xfail(reason="Bug 1277851 - 'exclude' argument is ignored")
def test_lint_excluded_file(lint, paths):
    paths = paths('')
    results = lint(paths, exclude=paths)
    assert len(results) == 0

def test_lint_uses_custom_extensions(lint, paths):
    assert len(lint(paths('ext'))) == 1
    assert len(lint(paths('ext/bad.configure'))) == 1

if __name__ == '__main__':