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Adding a crashtest.

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# The Original Code is standalone Firefox Windows performance test.
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# the Initial Developer. All Rights Reserved.
# Contributor(s):
#   Annie Sullivan <annie.sullivan@gmail.com> (original author)
#   Ben Hearsum    <bhearsum@wittydomain.com> (OS independence)
#   Alice Nodelman <anodelman@mozilla.com>
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"""A generic means of running an URL based browser test
   follows the following steps
     - creates a profile
     - tests the profile
     - gets metrics for the current test environment
     - loads the url
     - collects info on any counters while test runs
     - waits for a 'dump' from the browser

__author__ = 'annie.sullivan@gmail.com (Annie Sullivan)'

import platform
import os
import re
import shutil
import time
import sys
import subprocess
import utils
from utils import talosError

import ffprocess
import ffsetup

if platform.system() == "Linux":
    from cmanager_linux import *
    platform_type = 'unix_'
elif platform.system() in ("Windows", "Microsoft"):
    from cmanager_win32 import *
    platform_type = 'win_'
elif platform.system() == "Darwin":
    from cmanager_mac import *
    platform_type = 'unix_'

# Regula expression for getting results from most tests
RESULTS_REGEX = re.compile('__start_report(.*)__end_report',
                      re.DOTALL | re.MULTILINE)
# Regular expression to get stats for page load test (Tp) - should go away once data passing is standardized
RESULTS_TP_REGEX = re.compile('__start_tp_report(.*)__end_tp_report',
                      re.DOTALL | re.MULTILINE)
RESULTS_GENERIC = re.compile('(.*)', re.DOTALL | re.MULTILINE)

def checkBrowserAlive():
  #is the browser actually up?
  return (ffprocess.ProcessesWithNameExist("firefox") and not ffprocess.ProcessesWithNameExist("crashreporter", "talkback", "dwwin"))

def checkAllProcesses():
  #is anything browser related active?
  return ffprocess.ProcessesWithNameExist("firefox", "crashreporter", "talkback", "dwwin")

def cleanupProcesses():
  #kill any remaining firefox processes
  ffprocess.TerminateAllProcesses("firefox", "crashreporter", "dwwin", "talkback")
  #check if anything is left behind
  if checkAllProcesses(): 
    #this is for windows machines.  when attempting to send kill messages to win processes the OS
    # always gives the process a chance to close cleanly before terminating it, this takes longer
    # and we need to give it a little extra time to complete
    if checkAllProcesses():
      raise talosError("failed to cleanup")

def createProfile(browser_config):
  if browser_config["profile_path"] != {}:
      # Create the new profile
      temp_dir, profile_dir = ffsetup.CreateTempProfileDir(browser_config['profile_path'],
      utils.debug("created profile") 
      # no profile path was set in the config, set the profile_dir to an empty string.
      profile_dir = ""
  return profile_dir, temp_dir

def initializeProfile(profile_dir, browser_config):
  if browser_config["profile_path"] != {}:
      if not (ffsetup.InitializeNewProfile(browser_config['firefox'], profile_dir, browser_config['init_url'])):
         raise talosError("failed to initialize browser")
      if checkAllProcesses():
         raise talosError("browser failed to close after being initialized") 

def cleanupProfile(dir, browser_config):
  # Delete the temp profile directory  Make it writeable first,
  # because every once in a while Firefox seems to drop a read-only
  # file into it.
  if browser_config["profile_path"] != {}:

def runTest(browser_config, test_config):
  Runs an url based test on the browser as specified in the browser_config dictionary
    browser_config:  Dictionary of configuration options for the browser (paths, prefs, etc)
    test_config   :  Dictionary of configuration for the given test (url, cycles, counters, etc)
  utils.debug("operating with platform_type : " + platform_type)
  counters = test_config[platform_type + 'counters']
  resolution = test_config['resolution']
  all_browser_results = []
  all_counter_results = []

    if checkAllProcesses():
      utils.debug("firefox already running before testing started (unclean system)")
      raise talosError("system not clean")
    # add any provided directories to the installed firefox
    for dir in browser_config['dirs']:
      ffsetup.InstallInBrowser(browser_config['firefox'], browser_config['dirs'][dir])
    profile_dir, temp_dir = createProfile(browser_config)
    initializeProfile(profile_dir, browser_config)
    utils.debug("initialized firefox")
    for i in range(test_config['cycles']):
      # check to see if the previous cycle is still hanging around 
      if (i > 0) and checkAllProcesses():
        raise talosError("previous cycle still running")
      # Run the test 
      browser_results = ""
      if 'timeout' in test_config:
        timeout = test_config['timeout']
        timeout = 28800 # 8 hours
      total_time = 0
      output = ''
      url = test_config['url']
      if 'url_mod' in test_config:
        url += eval(test_config['url_mod']) 
      command_line = ffprocess.GenerateFirefoxCommandLine(browser_config['firefox'], profile_dir, url)
      utils.debug("command line: " + command_line)
      process = subprocess.Popen(command_line, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, universal_newlines=True, shell=True, bufsize=0, env=os.environ)
      handle = process.stdout
      #give firefox a chance to open
      # this could mean that we are losing the first couple of data points as the tests starts, but if we don't provide
      # some time for the browser to start we have trouble connecting the CounterManager to it
      #set up the counters for this test
      if counters:
        cm = CounterManager("firefox", counters)
      counter_results = {}
      for counter in counters:
        counter_results[counter] = []
      busted = False 
      while total_time < timeout:
        # Sleep for [resolution] seconds
        total_time += resolution
        # Get the output from all the possible counters
        for count_type in counters:
          val = cm.getCounterValue(count_type)
          if (val):
        # Check to see if page load times were outputted
        (bytes, current_output) = ffprocess.NonBlockingReadProcessOutput(handle)
        output += current_output
        match = RESULTS_GENERIC.search(current_output)
        if match:
          if match.group(1):
        match = RESULTS_REGEX.search(output)
        if match:
          browser_results += match.group(1)
          utils.debug("Matched basic results: " + browser_results)
        #TODO: this a stop gap until all of the tests start outputting the same format
        match = RESULTS_TP_REGEX.search(output)
        if match:
          browser_results += match.group(1)
          utils.debug("Matched tp results: " + browser_results)
        match = RESULTS_REGEX_FAIL.search(output)
        if match:
          browser_results += match.group(1)
          utils.debug("Matched fail results: " + browser_results)
          raise talosError(match.group(1))
        #ensure that the browser is still running
        #check at intervals of 60 - this is just to cut down on load 
        #use the busted check to ensure that we aren't catching a bad time slice where the browser has
        # completed the test and closed but we haven't picked up the result yet
        if busted:
          raise talosError("browser crash")
        if (total_time % 60 == 0): 
          if not checkBrowserAlive():
            busted = True
      if total_time >= timeout:
        raise talosError("timeout exceeded")
      #stop the counter manager since this test is complete
      if counters:
      utils.debug("Completed test with: " + browser_results)
    cleanupProfile(temp_dir, browser_config)

    return (all_browser_results, all_counter_results)
      if vars().has_key('temp_dir'):
        cleanupProfile(temp_dir, browser_config)
    except talosError, te:
      utils.debug("cleanup error: " + te.msg)
      utils.debug("unknown error during cleanup")