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Adding a crashtest.

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#   Annie Sullivan <annie.sullivan@gmail.com> (original author)
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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

import win32api
import win32file
import win32pdhutil
import win32pdh
import win32pipe
import msvcrt

def GenerateFirefoxCommandLine(firefox_path, profile_dir, url):
  """Generates the command line for a process to run Firefox

    firefox_path: String containing the path to the firefox exe to use
    profile_dir: String containing the directory of the profile to run Firefox in
    url: String containing url to start with.

  profile_arg = ''
  if profile_dir:
    profile_dir = profile_dir.replace('\\', '\\\\\\')
    profile_arg = '-profile %s' % profile_dir

  cmd = '%s %s %s' % (firefox_path,
  return cmd

def TerminateProcess(pid):
  """Helper function to terminate a process, given the pid

    pid: integer process id of the process to terminate.

  handle = win32api.OpenProcess(PROCESS_TERMINATE, False, pid)
  win32api.TerminateProcess(handle, -1)

def ProcessesWithNameExist(*process_names):
  """Returns true if there are any processes running with the
     given name.  Useful to check whether a Firefox process is still running

    process_name: String or strings containing the process name, i.e. "firefox"

    True if any processes with that name are running, False otherwise.

  for process_name in process_names: 
      # refresh list of processes
      win32pdh.EnumObjects(None, None, 0, 1)
      pids = win32pdhutil.FindPerformanceAttributesByName(process_name, counter="ID Process")
      if len(pids) > 0:
        return True 
      # Might get an exception if there are no instances of the process running.
  return False

def TerminateAllProcesses(*process_names):
  """Helper function to terminate all processes with the given process name

    process_name: String or strings containing the process name, i.e. "firefox"
  for process_name in process_names:
    # Get all the process ids of running instances of this process, and terminate them.
      pids = win32pdhutil.FindPerformanceAttributesByName(process_name, counter="ID Process")
      for pid in pids:
      # Might get an exception if there are no instances of the process running.

def NonBlockingReadProcessOutput(handle):
  """Does a non-blocking read from the output of the process
     with the given handle.

    handle: The process handle returned from os.popen()

    A tuple (bytes, output) containing the number of output
    bytes read, and the actual output.

  output = ""

    osfhandle = msvcrt.get_osfhandle(handle.fileno())
    (read, num_avail, num_message) = win32pipe.PeekNamedPipe(osfhandle, 0)
    if num_avail > 0:
      (error_code, output) = win32file.ReadFile(osfhandle, num_avail, None)

    return (num_avail, output)
    return (0, output)