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Adding a crashtest.

#!/usr/bin/env python
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# The Original Code is standalone Firefox Windows performance test.
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# the Initial Developer. All Rights Reserved.
# Contributor(s):
#   Annie Sullivan <annie.sullivan@gmail.com> (original author)
#   Ben Hearsum    <bhearsum@wittydomain.com> (ported to linux)
#   Zach Lipton    <zach@zachlipton.com>  (Mac port)
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"""A set of functions to run the Tp test.

   The Tp test measures page load times in Firefox.  It does this with a
   JavaScript script that opens a new window and cycles through page loads
   from the local disk, timing each one.  The script dumps the sum of the
   mean times to open each page, and the standard deviation, to standard out.
   We can also measure performance attributes during the test.  See below for
   what can be monitored

__author__ = 'annie.sullivan@gmail.com (Annie Sullivan)'

import os
import time
import threading
import subprocess

import ffprocess

def GetProcessData(pid):
  """Runs a ps on the process identified by pid and returns the output line
    as a list (pid, vsz, rss)
  command = ['ps -o pid,vsize,rss -p'+str(pid)]
  handle = subprocess.Popen(command, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, universal_newlines=True, shell=True)
  data = handle.stdout.readlines()
  # First line is header output should look like:
  # PID      VSZ    RSS
  # 3210    75964    920 
  line = data[1]
  line = line.split()
  if (line[0] == str(pid)):
      return line

def GetPrivateBytes(pid):
  """Calculate the amount of private, writeable memory allocated to a process.
  psData = GetProcessData(pid)
  return psData[2]

def GetResidentSize(pid):
  """Retrieve the current resident memory for a given process"""
  psData = GetProcessData(pid)
  return psData[1]

def GetCpuTime(pid):
  # return all zeros for now on this platform as per 7/18/07 perf meeting
  return 0

counterDict = {}
counterDict["Private Bytes"] = GetPrivateBytes
counterDict["RSS"] = GetResidentSize
counterDict["% Processor Time"] = GetCpuTime

class CounterManager(threading.Thread):
  """This class manages the monitoring of a process with any number of

     A counter can be any function that takes an argument of one pid and
     returns a piece of data about that process.
     Some examples are: CalcCPUTime, GetResidentSize, and GetPrivateBytes
  pollInterval = .25

  def __init__(self, process, counters=None):
         counters: A list of counters to monitor. Any counters whose name does
         not match a key in 'counterDict' will be ignored.
    self.allCounters = {}
    self.registeredCounters = {}
    self.process = process
    self.runThread = False
    self.pid = -1



  def _loadCounters(self):
    """Loads all of the counters defined in the counterDict"""
    for counter in counterDict.keys():
      self.allCounters[counter] = counterDict[counter]

  def registerCounters(self, counters):
    """Registers a list of counters that will be monitoring.
       Only counters whose names are found in allCounters will be added
    for counter in counters:
      if counter in self.allCounters:
        self.registeredCounters[counter] = \
          [self.allCounters[counter], []]

  def unregisterCounters(self, counters):
    """Unregister a list of counters.
       Only counters whose names are found in registeredCounters will be
       paid attention to
    for counter in counters:
      if counter in self.registeredCounters:
        del self.registeredCounters[counter]

  def getRegisteredCounters(self):
    """Returns a list of the registered counters."""
    return keys(self.registeredCounters)

  def getCounterValue(self, counterName):
    """Returns the last value of the counter 'counterName'"""
      if counterName is "% Processor Time":
        return self._getCounterAverage(counterName)
        return self.registeredCounters[counterName][1][-1]
      return None

  def _getCounterAverage(self, counterName):
    """Returns the average value of the counter 'counterName'"""
      total = 0
      for v in self.registeredCounters[counterName][1]:
        total += v
      return total / len(self.registeredCounters[counterName][1])
      return None

  def getProcess(self):
    """Returns the process currently associated with this CounterManager"""
    return self.process

  def startMonitor(self):
    """Starts the monitoring process.
       Throws an exception if any error occurs
    # TODO: make this function less ugly
      # the last process is the useful one
      self.pid = ffprocess.GetPidsByName(self.process)[-1]
      self.runThread = True
      print 'WARNING: problem starting counter monitor'

  def stopMonitor(self):
    """Stops the monitor"""
    # TODO: should probably wait until we know run() is completely stopped
    # before setting self.pid to None. Use a lock?
    self.runThread = False

  def run(self):
    """Performs the actual monitoring of the process. Will keep running
       until stopMonitor() is called
    while self.runThread:
      for counter in self.registeredCounters.keys():
        # counter[0] is a function that gets the current value for
        # a counter
        # counter[1] is a list of recorded values
          # if a counter throws an exception, remove it