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Revert the electrolysis-plugins-only branch so that the Electrolysis repository can return to its normal (plugins and tabs) state.

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#ifndef mozilla_ipc_SharedMemory_h
#define mozilla_ipc_SharedMemory_h

#include "base/shared_memory.h"

#include "nsDebug.h"

// This is a low-level wrapper around platform shared memory.  Don't
// use it directly; use Shmem allocated through IPDL interfaces.
namespace {
enum Rights {
  RightsNone = 0,
  RightsRead = 1 << 0,
  RightsWrite = 1 << 1

namespace mozilla {
namespace ipc {

class SharedMemory : public base::SharedMemory
  typedef base::SharedMemoryHandle SharedMemoryHandle;

  SharedMemory() :

  SharedMemory(const SharedMemoryHandle& aHandle) :
    base::SharedMemory(aHandle, false),

  bool Map(size_t nBytes)
    bool ok = base::SharedMemory::Map(nBytes);
    if (ok)
      mSize = nBytes;
    return ok;

  size_t Size()
    return mSize;

  Protect(char* aAddr, size_t aSize, int aRights)
    char* memStart = reinterpret_cast<char*>(memory());
    if (!memStart)
      NS_RUNTIMEABORT("SharedMemory region points at NULL!");
    char* memEnd = memStart + Size();

    char* protStart = aAddr;
    if (!protStart)
      NS_RUNTIMEABORT("trying to Protect() a NULL region!");
    char* protEnd = protStart + aSize;

    if (!(memStart <= protStart
          && protEnd <= memEnd))
      NS_RUNTIMEABORT("attempt to Protect() a region outside this SharedMemory");

    // checks alignment etc.
    SystemProtect(aAddr, aSize, aRights);

  static void SystemProtect(char* aAddr, size_t aSize, int aRights);
  static size_t SystemPageSize();

  // NB: we have to track this because shared_memory_win.cc doesn't
  size_t mSize;

} // namespace ipc
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // ifndef mozilla_ipc_SharedMemory_h