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Bug 808346 - Don't scan sys.path to discover mach commands; r=jhammel All mach modules are now explicitly listed in the mach driver.

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, # You can obtain one at

from __future__ import print_function, unicode_literals

import logging
import operator
import os

from mach.decorators import (

from mozbuild.base import MachCommandBase

class Build(MachCommandBase):
    """Interface to build the tree."""

    @Command('build', help='Build the tree.')
    def build(self):
        # This code is only meant to be temporary until the more robust tree
        # building code in bug 780329 lands.
        from mozbuild.compilation.warnings import WarningsCollector
        from mozbuild.compilation.warnings import WarningsDatabase

        warnings_path = self._get_state_filename('warnings.json')
        warnings_database = WarningsDatabase()

        if os.path.exists(warnings_path):

        warnings_collector = WarningsCollector(database=warnings_database,

        def on_line(line):
                warning = warnings_collector.process_line(line)
                if warning:
                    self.log(logging.INFO, 'compiler_warning', warning,
                        'Warning: {flag} in {filename}: {message}')
                # This will get logged in the more robust implementation.

            self.log(logging.INFO, 'build_output', {'line': line}, '{line}')

        self._run_make(srcdir=True, filename='', line_handler=on_line,
            log=False, print_directory=False)

        self.log(logging.WARNING, 'warning_summary',
            {'count': len(warnings_collector.database)},
            '{count} compiler warnings present.')


class Warnings(MachCommandBase):
    """Provide commands for inspecting warnings."""

    def database_path(self):
        return self._get_state_filename('warnings.json')

    def database(self):
        from mozbuild.compilation.warnings import WarningsDatabase

        path = self.database_path

        database = WarningsDatabase()

        if os.path.exists(path):

        return database

        help='Show a summary of compiler warnings.')
    @CommandArgument('report', default=None, nargs='?',
        help='Warnings report to display. If not defined, show the most '
            'recent report.')
    def summary(self, report=None):
        database = self.database

        type_counts = database.type_counts
        sorted_counts = sorted(type_counts.iteritems(),

        total = 0
        for k, v in sorted_counts:
            print('%d\t%s' % (v, k))
            total += v

        print('%d\tTotal' % total)

    @Command('warnings-list', help='Show a list of compiler warnings.')
    @CommandArgument('report', default=None, nargs='?',
        help='Warnings report to display. If not defined, show the most '
            'recent report.')
    def list(self, report=None):
        database = self.database

        by_name = sorted(database.warnings)

        for warning in by_name:
            filename = warning['filename']

            if filename.startswith(self.topsrcdir):
                filename = filename[len(self.topsrcdir) + 1:]

            if warning['column'] is not None:
                print('%s:%d:%d [%s] %s' % (filename, warning['line'],
                    warning['column'], warning['flag'], warning['message']))
                print('%s:%d [%s] %s' % (filename, warning['line'],
                    warning['flag'], warning['message']))