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Fri, 24 Aug 2018 12:52:42 +0900
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Bug 1438814 - Stop any further transitions creation once after we got a transitionend for the width transition. r=birtles The transition property in this test is shorter than the period of chaging parent viewport height so that it's possible that a new transition happens after a transitionend event was dispatched. The new transition will reduce the element width (i.e. it's opposite direction of the first transition), so the transitioned yellow box was smaller than the expected result. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D4183

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- Submitted from TestTWF Paris -->

	<title>CSS Values and Units Test: vh-based dimension doesn't change when the element other dimension doesn't change.</title>

	<style type="text/css">

		* { margin: 0; padding: 0; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; }

			/* the first test box has its vertical dimension is set to some vh units */
		#testBoxWithVhOnly { background: #F00; width: 60px; height: 20vh; float: left; }

			/* the second test box, with fixed height */
		#testBoxNotGrownHorizontallyByJS { background: #F0F; width: 20vh; height: 60px; float: left; }

			/* third box, changed by using CSS transition */
		#testBoxWithTransition { background: #FF0; width: 20vh; height: 40px; float: left;
			transition-property:       width, height;
			transition-duration:       0.3s;
			transition-delay:          0;

			/* the reference box, growing in both directions (height by js, width by vh unit */
		#referenceBoxGrownHorizontallyByJS { background: #0F0; width: 20vh; height: 40px; float: left; }

		p { clear: both; margin: 10px 0; }



	All boxes should end up the same size. The green box is the reference one.

<div id="testBoxWithVhOnly"></div>
<div id="testBoxNotGrownHorizontallyByJS"></div>
<div id="testBoxWithTransition"></div>
<div id="referenceBoxGrownHorizontallyByJS"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
	'use strict';

	// In case this file was opened by mistake, redirects to proper test
	if (window.top.location.href  === document.location.href) {

		window.top.location.href = "vh_not_refreshing_on_chrome.html";


	function setDimension(id, dimension, value) {

		var element = document.getElementById(id);

		element.style[dimension] = value + "px";


	function animate() {

		var viewportHeight = document.documentElement.clientHeight;

		var sizeH = 20;

		var referenceDimension = Math.round(sizeH * viewportHeight / 100);

		setDimension('referenceBoxGrownHorizontallyByJS', 'height', referenceDimension);

		if (referenceDimension < 60) {
			setTimeout(animate, 20);
		} else {
			parent.postMessage('referenceBoxGrownHorizontallyByJS', '*');

	setTimeout(animate, 20);

	addEventListener('transitionend', event => {
		if (event.propertyName == 'width') {
			// Stop any further transitons.
			testBoxWithTransition.style.transitionProperty = 'none';
			parent.postMessage('testBoxWithTransition', '*');
	}, false);
	var transitionedTestBoxStyle = document.getElementById('testBoxWithTransition').style;
	transitionedTestBoxStyle.height = "60px";