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#if defined(PLARENAS_H)
#else  /* defined(PLARENAS_H) */
#define PLARENAS_H


typedef struct PLArenaPool      PLArenaPool;

** Allocate an arena pool as specified by the parameters.
** This is equivelant to allocating the space yourself and then
** calling PL_InitArenaPool().
** This function may fail (and return a NULL) for a variety of
** reasons. The reason for a particular failure can be discovered
** by calling PR_GetError().
#if 0  /* Not implemented */
PR_EXTERN(PLArenaPool*) PL_AllocArenaPool(
    const char *name, PRUint32 size, PRUint32 align);

** Destroy an arena pool previously allocated by PL_AllocArenaPool().
** This function may fail if the arena is not empty and the caller
** wishes to check for empty upon descruction.
#if 0  /* Not implemented */
PR_EXTERN(PRStatus) PL_DestroyArenaPool(PLArenaPool *pool, PRBool checkEmpty);

** Initialize an arena pool with the given name for debugging and metering,
** with a minimum size per arena of size bytes.
PR_EXTERN(void) PL_InitArenaPool(
    PLArenaPool *pool, const char *name, PRUint32 size, PRUint32 align);

** Finish using arenas, freeing all memory associated with them.
PR_EXTERN(void) PL_ArenaFinish(void);

** Free the arenas in pool.  The user may continue to allocate from pool
** after calling this function.  There is no need to call PL_InitArenaPool()
** again unless PL_FinishArenaPool(pool) has been called.
PR_EXTERN(void) PL_FreeArenaPool(PLArenaPool *pool);

** Free the arenas in pool and finish using it altogether.
PR_EXTERN(void) PL_FinishArenaPool(PLArenaPool *pool);

** Compact all of the arenas in a pool so that no space is wasted.
PR_EXTERN(void) PL_CompactArenaPool(PLArenaPool *pool);

** Friend functions used by the PL_ARENA_*() macros.
PR_EXTERN(void *) PL_ArenaAllocate(PLArenaPool *pool, PRUint32 nb);

PR_EXTERN(void *) PL_ArenaGrow(
    PLArenaPool *pool, void *p, PRUint32 size, PRUint32 incr);

PR_EXTERN(void) PL_ArenaRelease(PLArenaPool *pool, char *mark);


#endif /* defined(PLARENAS_H) */

/* plarenas */