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Bug 1497692 - Lower the minidump-analyzer priority r=ted Differential Revision:

/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#include "minidump-analyzer.h"

#include <cstdio>
#include <cstring>
#include <string>
#include <sstream>

#include "json/json.h"
#include "google_breakpad/processor/basic_source_line_resolver.h"
#include "google_breakpad/processor/call_stack.h"
#include "google_breakpad/processor/code_module.h"
#include "google_breakpad/processor/code_modules.h"
#include "google_breakpad/processor/minidump.h"
#include "google_breakpad/processor/minidump_processor.h"
#include "google_breakpad/processor/process_state.h"
#include "google_breakpad/processor/stack_frame.h"
#include "processor/pathname_stripper.h"

#include "mozilla/FStream.h"
#include "mozilla/Unused.h"

#if defined(XP_WIN32)

#include <windows.h>
#include "mozilla/glue/WindowsDllServices.h"

#elif defined(XP_UNIX) || defined(XP_MACOSX)

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <unistd.h>


#include "MinidumpAnalyzerUtils.h"

#include "MozStackFrameSymbolizer.h"

namespace CrashReporter {

#if defined(XP_WIN)

static mozilla::glue::BasicDllServices gDllServices;


using std::ios;
using std::ios_base;
using std::hex;
using std::map;
using std::showbase;
using std::string;
using std::stringstream;
using std::wstring;

using google_breakpad::BasicSourceLineResolver;
using google_breakpad::CallStack;
using google_breakpad::CodeModule;
using google_breakpad::CodeModules;
using google_breakpad::Minidump;
using google_breakpad::MinidumpProcessor;
using google_breakpad::PathnameStripper;
using google_breakpad::ProcessResult;
using google_breakpad::ProcessState;
using google_breakpad::StackFrame;

using mozilla::OFStream;
using mozilla::Unused;

MinidumpAnalyzerOptions gMinidumpAnalyzerOptions;

// Path of the minidump to be analyzed.
static string gMinidumpPath;

struct ModuleCompare {
  bool operator() (const CodeModule* aLhs, const CodeModule* aRhs) const {
    return aLhs->base_address() < aRhs->base_address();

typedef map<const CodeModule*, unsigned int, ModuleCompare> OrderedModulesMap;

static const char kExtraDataExtension[] = ".extra";

static string
ToHex(uint64_t aValue) {
  stringstream output;

  output << hex << showbase << aValue;

  return output.str();

// Convert the stack frame trust value into a readable string.

static string
FrameTrust(const StackFrame::FrameTrust aTrust) {
  switch (aTrust) {
  case StackFrame::FRAME_TRUST_NONE:
    return "none";
  case StackFrame::FRAME_TRUST_SCAN:
    return "scan";
  case StackFrame::FRAME_TRUST_CFI_SCAN:
    return "cfi_scan";
  case StackFrame::FRAME_TRUST_FP:
    return "frame_pointer";
  case StackFrame::FRAME_TRUST_CFI:
    return "cfi";
    return "prewalked";
  case StackFrame::FRAME_TRUST_CONTEXT:
    return "context";

  return "none";

// Convert the result value of the minidump processing step into a readable
// string.

static string
ResultString(ProcessResult aResult) {
  switch (aResult) {
  case google_breakpad::PROCESS_OK:
    return "OK";
  case google_breakpad::PROCESS_ERROR_MINIDUMP_NOT_FOUND:
  case google_breakpad::PROCESS_ERROR_NO_MINIDUMP_HEADER:
  case google_breakpad::PROCESS_ERROR_NO_THREAD_LIST:
    return "ERROR_NO_THREAD_LIST";
  case google_breakpad::PROCESS_ERROR_GETTING_THREAD:
  case google_breakpad::PROCESS_ERROR_GETTING_THREAD_ID:
    return "";

// Convert the list of stack frames to JSON and append them to the array
// specified in the |aNode| parameter.

static void
ConvertStackToJSON(const ProcessState& aProcessState,
                   const OrderedModulesMap& aOrderedModules,
                   const CallStack *aStack,
                   Json::Value& aNode)
  int frameCount = aStack->frames()->size();
  unsigned int moduleIndex = 0;

  for (int frameIndex = 0; frameIndex < frameCount; ++frameIndex) {
    const StackFrame *frame = aStack->frames()->at(frameIndex);
    Json::Value frameNode;

    if (frame->module) {
      auto itr = aOrderedModules.find(frame->module);

      if (itr != aOrderedModules.end()) {
        moduleIndex = (*itr).second;
        frameNode["module_index"] = moduleIndex;

    frameNode["trust"] = FrameTrust(frame->trust);
    // The 'ip' field is equivalent to socorro's 'offset' field
    frameNode["ip"] = ToHex(frame->instruction);


// Convert the list of modules to JSON and append them to the array specified
// in the |aNode| parameter.

static int
ConvertModulesToJSON(const ProcessState& aProcessState,
                     OrderedModulesMap& aOrderedModules,
                     Json::Value& aNode, Json::Value& aCertSubjects)
  const CodeModules* modules = aProcessState.modules();

  if (!modules) {
    return -1;

  // Create a sorted set of modules so that we'll be able to lookup the index
  // of a particular module.
  for (unsigned int i = 0; i < modules->module_count(); ++i) {
      std::pair<const CodeModule*, unsigned int>(
        modules->GetModuleAtSequence(i), i

  uint64_t mainAddress = 0;
  const CodeModule *mainModule = modules->GetMainModule();

  if (mainModule) {
    mainAddress = mainModule->base_address();

  unsigned int moduleCount = modules->module_count();
  int mainModuleIndex = -1;

  for (unsigned int moduleSequence = 0;
       moduleSequence < moduleCount;
    const CodeModule *module = modules->GetModuleAtSequence(moduleSequence);

    if (module->base_address() == mainAddress) {
      mainModuleIndex = moduleSequence;

#if defined(XP_WIN)
    auto certSubject = gDllServices.GetBinaryOrgName(
    if (certSubject) {
      string strSubject(WideToUTF8(certSubject.get()));
      // Json::Value::operator[] creates and returns a null member if the key
      // does not exist.
      Json::Value& subjectNode = aCertSubjects[strSubject];
      if (!subjectNode) {
        // If the member is null, we want to convert that to an array.
        subjectNode = Json::Value(Json::arrayValue);

      // Now we're guaranteed that subjectNode is an array. Add the new entry.

    Json::Value moduleNode;
    moduleNode["filename"] = PathnameStripper::File(module->code_file());
    moduleNode["code_id"] = PathnameStripper::File(module->code_identifier());
    moduleNode["version"] = module->version();
    moduleNode["debug_file"] = PathnameStripper::File(module->debug_file());
    moduleNode["debug_id"] = module->debug_identifier();
    moduleNode["base_addr"] = ToHex(module->base_address());
    moduleNode["end_addr"] = ToHex(module->base_address() + module->size());


  return mainModuleIndex;

// Convert the process state to JSON, this includes information about the
// crash, the module list and stack traces for every thread

static void
ConvertProcessStateToJSON(const ProcessState& aProcessState,
                          Json::Value& aStackTraces,
                          const bool aFullStacks,
                          Json::Value& aCertSubjects)
  // We use this map to get the index of a module when listed by address
  OrderedModulesMap orderedModules;

  // Crash info
  Json::Value crashInfo;
  int requestingThread = aProcessState.requesting_thread();

  if (aProcessState.crashed()) {
    crashInfo["type"] = aProcessState.crash_reason();
    crashInfo["address"] = ToHex(aProcessState.crash_address());

    if (requestingThread != -1) {
      // Record the crashing thread index only if this is a full minidump
      // and all threads' stacks are present, otherwise only the crashing
      // thread stack is written out and this field is set to 0.
      crashInfo["crashing_thread"] = aFullStacks ? requestingThread : 0;
  } else {
    crashInfo["type"] = Json::Value(Json::nullValue);
    // Add assertion info, if available
    string assertion = aProcessState.assertion();

    if (!assertion.empty()) {
      crashInfo["assertion"] = assertion;

  aStackTraces["crash_info"] = crashInfo;

  // Modules
  Json::Value modules(Json::arrayValue);
  int mainModule = ConvertModulesToJSON(aProcessState, orderedModules,
                                        modules, aCertSubjects);

  if (mainModule != -1) {
    aStackTraces["main_module"] = mainModule;

  aStackTraces["modules"] = modules;

  // Threads
  Json::Value threads(Json::arrayValue);
  int threadCount = aProcessState.threads()->size();

  if (!aFullStacks && (requestingThread != -1)) {
    // Only add the crashing thread
    Json::Value thread;
    Json::Value stack(Json::arrayValue);
    const CallStack* rawStack = aProcessState.threads()->at(requestingThread);

    ConvertStackToJSON(aProcessState, orderedModules, rawStack, stack);
    thread["frames"] = stack;
   } else {
    for (int threadIndex = 0; threadIndex < threadCount; ++threadIndex) {
      Json::Value thread;
      Json::Value stack(Json::arrayValue);
      const CallStack* rawStack = aProcessState.threads()->at(threadIndex);

      ConvertStackToJSON(aProcessState, orderedModules, rawStack, stack);
      thread["frames"] = stack;

  aStackTraces["threads"] = threads;

// Process the minidump file and append the JSON-formatted stack traces to
// the node specified in |aStackTraces|. We also populate |aCertSubjects| with
// information about the certificates used to sign modules, when present and
// supported by the underlying OS.
static bool
ProcessMinidump(Json::Value& aStackTraces, Json::Value& aCertSubjects,
                const string& aDumpFile, const bool aFullStacks)
  MozStackFrameSymbolizer symbolizer;
  MinidumpProcessor minidumpProcessor(&symbolizer, false);
  BasicSourceLineResolver resolver;
  // We don't have a valid symbol resolver so we pass nullptr instead.
  MinidumpProcessor minidumpProcessor(nullptr, &resolver);

  // Process the minidump.
#if defined(XP_WIN)
  // Breakpad invokes std::ifstream directly, so this path needs to be ANSI
  Minidump dump(UTF8ToMBCS(aDumpFile));
  Minidump dump(aDumpFile);
#endif // defined(XP_WIN)
  if (!dump.Read()) {
    return false;

  ProcessResult rv;
  ProcessState processState;
  rv = minidumpProcessor.Process(&dump, &processState);
  aStackTraces["status"] = ResultString(rv);

  ConvertProcessStateToJSON(processState, aStackTraces, aFullStacks,

  return true;

// Update the extra data file by adding the StackTraces and ModuleSignatureInfo
// fields that contain the JSON outputs of this program.
static bool
UpdateExtraDataFile(const string &aDumpPath, const Json::Value& aStackTraces,
                    const Json::Value& aCertSubjects)
  string extraDataPath(aDumpPath);
  int dot = extraDataPath.rfind('.');

  if (dot < 0) {
    return false; // Not a valid dump path

  extraDataPath.replace(dot, extraDataPath.length() - dot, kExtraDataExtension);
  bool res = false;

  // We want to open the extra file in append mode.
  ios_base::openmode mode = ios::out | ios::app;
  OFStream f(
#if defined(XP_WIN)
#endif // defined(XP_WIN)

  if (f.is_open()) {
    Json::FastWriter writer;

    f << "StackTraces=" << writer.write(aStackTraces);
    res = !;

    if (!!aCertSubjects) {
      f << "ModuleSignatureInfo=" << writer.write(aCertSubjects);
      res &= !;


  return res;

GenerateStacks(const string& aDumpPath, const bool aFullStacks) {
  Json::Value stackTraces;
  Json::Value certSubjects;

  if (!ProcessMinidump(stackTraces, certSubjects, aDumpPath, aFullStacks)) {
    return false;

  return UpdateExtraDataFile(aDumpPath, stackTraces, certSubjects);

} // namespace CrashReporter

using namespace CrashReporter;

#if defined(XP_WIN)
#define XP_LITERAL(s) L##s
#define XP_LITERAL(s) s

template <typename CharT>
struct CharTraits;

struct CharTraits<char>
  static int compare(const char* left, const char* right)
    return strcmp(left, right);

  static string& assign(string& left, const char* right)
    left = right;
    return left;

#if defined(XP_WIN)

struct CharTraits<wchar_t>
  static int compare(const wchar_t* left, const wchar_t* right)
    return wcscmp(left, right);

  static string& assign(string& left, const wchar_t* right)
    left = WideToUTF8(right);
    return left;

#endif // defined(XP_WIN)

static void
#if defined(XP_WIN)
  Unused << SetPriorityClass(GetCurrentProcess(),
#else // Linux, MacOS X, etc...
  Unused << nice(20);

template <typename CharT, typename Traits = CharTraits<CharT>>
static void
ParseArguments(int argc, CharT** argv) {
  if (argc <= 1) {

  for (int i = 1; i < argc - 1; i++) {
    if (!Traits::compare(argv[i], XP_LITERAL("--full"))) {
      gMinidumpAnalyzerOptions.fullMinidump = true;
    } else if (!Traits::compare(argv[i], XP_LITERAL("--force-use-module")) &&
                 (i < argc - 2)) {
      Traits::assign(gMinidumpAnalyzerOptions.forceUseModule, argv[i + 1]);
    } else {

  Traits::assign(gMinidumpPath, argv[argc - 1]);

#if defined(XP_WIN)
// WARNING: Windows does *NOT* use UTF8 for char strings off the command line!
// Using wmain here so that the CRT doesn't need to perform a wasteful and
// lossy UTF-16 to MBCS conversion; ParseArguments will convert to UTF8 directly.
extern "C"
int wmain(int argc, wchar_t** argv)
int main(int argc, char** argv)
  ParseArguments(argc, argv);

  if (!GenerateStacks(gMinidumpPath, gMinidumpAnalyzerOptions.fullMinidump)) {