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Replace myk's changes that I accidentally horked during the merge.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIHandlerInfo;

[scriptable, uuid(7c754635-139b-4d80-894e-6c71594ceb44)]
interface nsIHandlerService : nsISupports
   * Save the preferred action, preferred handler, and always ask properties
   * of the given handler info object to the datastore.  Updates an existing
   * record or creates a new one if necessary.
   * Note: if preferred action is undefined or invalid, then we assume
   * the default value nsIHandlerInfo::useHelperApp.
   * FIXME: also store any changes to the list of possible handlers.
   * @param aHandlerInfo  {nsIHandlerInfo}  the handler info object
  void store(in nsIHandlerInfo aHandlerInfo);