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Bug 939049 - Part 2: Add generic ComputeLength code for backends with no such functionality. r=jrmuizel

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 * These objects are exposed by the MozDOMAfterPaint event. Each one represents
 * a request to repaint a rectangle that was generated by the browser.
interface PaintRequest {
   * The client rect where invalidation was triggered.
  readonly attribute DOMRect clientRect;

   * The reason for the request, as a string. If an empty string, then we don't know
   * the reason (this is common). Reasons include "scroll repaint", meaning that we
   * needed to repaint the rectangle due to scrolling, and "scroll copy", meaning
   * that we updated the rectangle due to scrolling but instead of painting
   * manually, we were able to do a copy from another area of the screen.
  readonly attribute DOMString reason;