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Bug 939049 - Part 2: Add generic ComputeLength code for backends with no such functionality. r=jrmuizel

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interface WindowProxy;

[Constructor(DOMString type, optional MessageEventInit eventInitDict)]
interface MessageEvent : Event {
   * Custom data associated with this event.
  readonly attribute any data;

   * The origin of the site from which this event originated, which is the
   * scheme, ":", and if the URI has a host, "//" followed by the
   * host, and if the port is not the default for the given scheme,
   * ":" followed by that port.  This value does not have a trailing slash.
  readonly attribute DOMString origin;

   * The last event ID string of the event source, for server-sent DOM events; this
   * value is the empty string for cross-origin messaging.
  readonly attribute DOMString lastEventId;

   * The window or the port which originated this event.
  readonly attribute (WindowProxy or MessagePort)? source;

   * Initializes this event with the given data, in a manner analogous to
   * the similarly-named method on the nsIDOMEvent interface, also setting the
   * data, origin, source, and lastEventId attributes of this appropriately.
  readonly attribute MessagePortList? ports;

dictionary MessageEventInit : EventInit {
  any data;
  DOMString origin;
  DOMString lastEventId;

  // TODO bug 767926 - This should be: (WindowProxy or MessagePort)? source;
  object? source = null;

  sequence<MessagePort>? ports;