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Bug 939049 - Part 2: Add generic ComputeLength code for backends with no such functionality. r=jrmuizel

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interface HTMLElement : Element {
  // metadata attributes
           attribute DOMString title;
           attribute DOMString lang;
  //         attribute boolean translate;
  [SetterThrows, Pure]
           attribute DOMString dir;
  readonly attribute DOMStringMap dataset;

  // microdata 
  [SetterThrows, Pure]
           attribute boolean itemScope;
  [PutForwards=value,Constant] readonly attribute DOMSettableTokenList itemType;
  [SetterThrows, Pure]
           attribute DOMString itemId;
  [PutForwards=value,Constant] readonly attribute DOMSettableTokenList itemRef;
  [PutForwards=value,Constant] readonly attribute DOMSettableTokenList itemProp;
  readonly attribute HTMLPropertiesCollection properties;
           attribute any itemValue;

  // user interaction
  [SetterThrows, Pure]
           attribute boolean hidden;
  void click();
  [SetterThrows, Pure]
           attribute long tabIndex;
  void focus();
  void blur();
  [SetterThrows, Pure]
           attribute DOMString accessKey;
  readonly attribute DOMString accessKeyLabel;
  [SetterThrows, Pure]
           attribute boolean draggable;
  //[PutForwards=value] readonly attribute DOMSettableTokenList dropzone;
  [SetterThrows, Pure]
           attribute DOMString contentEditable;
  readonly attribute boolean isContentEditable;
  readonly attribute HTMLMenuElement? contextMenu;
  //         attribute HTMLMenuElement? contextMenu;
  [SetterThrows, Pure]
           attribute boolean spellcheck;

  // command API
  //readonly attribute DOMString? commandType;
  //readonly attribute DOMString? commandLabel;
  //readonly attribute DOMString? commandIcon;
  //readonly attribute boolean? commandHidden;
  //readonly attribute boolean? commandDisabled;
  //readonly attribute boolean? commandChecked;

  // styling
  [PutForwards=cssText, Constant]
  readonly attribute CSSStyleDeclaration style;

  // Mozilla specific stuff
  // FIXME Bug 810677 Move className from HTMLElement to Element
           attribute DOMString className;

           attribute EventHandler oncopy;
           attribute EventHandler oncut;
           attribute EventHandler onpaste;

partial interface HTMLElement {
  // CSSOM things are not [Pure] because they can flush
  readonly attribute Element? offsetParent;
  readonly attribute long offsetTop;
  readonly attribute long offsetLeft;
  readonly attribute long offsetWidth;
  readonly attribute long offsetHeight;

interface TouchEventHandlers {
           attribute EventHandler ontouchstart;
           attribute EventHandler ontouchend;
           attribute EventHandler ontouchmove;
           attribute EventHandler ontouchenter;
           attribute EventHandler ontouchleave;
           attribute EventHandler ontouchcancel;

HTMLElement implements GlobalEventHandlers;
HTMLElement implements TouchEventHandlers;
HTMLElement implements OnErrorEventHandlerForNodes;

interface HTMLUnknownElement : HTMLElement {};