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Bug 939049 - Part 2: Add generic ComputeLength code for backends with no such functionality. r=jrmuizel

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_indexeddb_databaseinfo_h__
#define mozilla_dom_indexeddb_databaseinfo_h__

#include "mozilla/dom/indexedDB/IndexedDatabase.h"

#include "mozilla/dom/quota/PersistenceType.h"
#include "nsRefPtrHashtable.h"
#include "nsHashKeys.h"

#include "mozilla/dom/indexedDB/Key.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/indexedDB/KeyPath.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/indexedDB/IDBObjectStore.h"


class IndexedDBDatabaseChild;
struct ObjectStoreInfo;

typedef nsRefPtrHashtable<nsStringHashKey, ObjectStoreInfo>

struct DatabaseInfoGuts
  typedef mozilla::dom::quota::PersistenceType PersistenceType;

  : nextObjectStoreId(1), nextIndexId(1)
  { }

  bool operator==(const DatabaseInfoGuts& aOther) const
    return this->name == &&
           this->group == &&
           this->origin == aOther.origin &&
           this->version == aOther.version &&
           this->persistenceType == aOther.persistenceType &&
           this->nextObjectStoreId == aOther.nextObjectStoreId &&
           this->nextIndexId == aOther.nextIndexId;

  // Make sure to update ipc/SerializationHelpers.h when changing members here!
  nsString name;
  nsCString group;
  nsCString origin;
  uint64_t version;
  PersistenceType persistenceType;
  int64_t nextObjectStoreId;
  int64_t nextIndexId;

struct DatabaseInfo : public DatabaseInfoGuts
  : cloned(false)
  { }


  static bool Get(nsIAtom* aId,
                  DatabaseInfo** aInfo);

  static bool Put(DatabaseInfo* aInfo);

  static void Remove(nsIAtom* aId);

  bool GetObjectStoreNames(nsTArray<nsString>& aNames);
  bool ContainsStoreName(const nsAString& aName);

  ObjectStoreInfo* GetObjectStore(const nsAString& aName);

  bool PutObjectStore(ObjectStoreInfo* aInfo);

  void RemoveObjectStore(const nsAString& aName);

  already_AddRefed<DatabaseInfo> Clone();

  nsCOMPtr<nsIAtom> id;
  nsString filePath;
  bool cloned;

  nsAutoPtr<ObjectStoreInfoHash> objectStoreHash;


struct IndexInfo
  IndexInfo(const IndexInfo& aOther);
  : id(INT64_MIN), keyPath(0), unique(false), multiEntry(false) { }

  bool operator==(const IndexInfo& aOther) const
    return this->name == &&
           this->id == &&
           this->keyPath == aOther.keyPath &&
           this->unique == aOther.unique &&
           this->multiEntry == aOther.multiEntry;

  // Make sure to update ipc/SerializationHelpers.h when changing members here!
  nsString name;
  int64_t id;
  KeyPath keyPath;
  bool unique;
  bool multiEntry;

struct ObjectStoreInfoGuts
  : id(0), keyPath(0), autoIncrement(false)
  { }

  bool operator==(const ObjectStoreInfoGuts& aOther) const
    return this->name == &&
           this->id ==;

  // Make sure to update ipc/SerializationHelpers.h when changing members here!

  // Constant members, can be gotten on any thread
  nsString name;
  int64_t id;
  KeyPath keyPath;
  bool autoIncrement;

  // Main-thread only members. This must *not* be touched on the database
  // thread.
  nsTArray<IndexInfo> indexes;

struct ObjectStoreInfo : public ObjectStoreInfoGuts
  : nextAutoIncrementId(0), comittedAutoIncrementId(0) { }

  ObjectStoreInfo(ObjectStoreInfo& aOther);

  ~ObjectStoreInfo() {}

  // Database-thread members. After the ObjectStoreInfo has been initialized,
  // these can *only* be touced on the database thread.
  int64_t nextAutoIncrementId;
  int64_t comittedAutoIncrementId;

  // This is threadsafe since the ObjectStoreInfos are created on the database
  // thread but then only used from the main thread. Ideal would be if we
  // could transfer ownership from the database thread to the main thread, but
  // we don't have that ability yet.

struct IndexUpdateInfo
  IndexUpdateInfo(const IndexUpdateInfo& aOther);

  bool operator==(const IndexUpdateInfo& aOther) const
    return this->indexId == aOther.indexId &&
           this->indexUnique == aOther.indexUnique &&
           this->value == aOther.value;

  // Make sure to update ipc/SerializationHelpers.h when changing members here!
  int64_t indexId;
  bool indexUnique;
  Key value;


#endif // mozilla_dom_indexeddb_databaseinfo_h__