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Bug 676413 - fix the crossOrigin attribute test - r=smaug This is not a limited-enumerated attribute, so let's use reflectString instead.

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#ifndef jscell_h___
#define jscell_h___

#include "jspubtd.h"

struct JSCompartment;

namespace js {
namespace gc {

struct ArenaHeader;
struct Chunk;

 * Live objects are marked black. How many other additional colors are available
 * depends on the size of the GCThing.
static const uint32 BLACK = 0;

 * A GC cell is the base class for all GC things.
struct Cell {
    static const size_t CellShift = 3;
    static const size_t CellSize = size_t(1) << CellShift;
    static const size_t CellMask = CellSize - 1;

    inline uintptr_t address() const;
    inline ArenaHeader *arenaHeader() const;
    inline Chunk *chunk() const;

    JS_ALWAYS_INLINE bool isMarked(uint32 color = BLACK) const;
    JS_ALWAYS_INLINE bool markIfUnmarked(uint32 color = BLACK) const;
    JS_ALWAYS_INLINE void unmark(uint32 color) const;

    inline JSCompartment *compartment() const;

#ifdef DEBUG
    inline bool isAligned() const;

} /* namespace gc */
} /* namespace js */

#endif /* jscell_h___ */