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Bug 456388 - Remove PR_STATIC_CALLBACK and PR_CALLBACK(_DECL) from the tree; r+sr=brendan

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/* a set of ranges on a number-line */

#ifndef nsIntervalSet_h___
#define nsIntervalSet_h___

#include "prtypes.h"
#include "nsCoord.h"
#include "nsDebug.h"

typedef void *
(* IntervalSetAlloc)(size_t aBytes, void *aClosure);

typedef void
(* IntervalSetFree) (size_t aBytes, void *aPtr, void *aClosure);

 * A list-based class (hopefully tree-based when I get around to it)
 * for representing a set of ranges on a number-line.
class nsIntervalSet {


    typedef nscoord coord_type;

    nsIntervalSet(IntervalSetAlloc aAlloc, IntervalSetFree aFree,
                  void* aAllocatorClosure);

     * Include the interval [aBegin, aEnd] in the set.
     * Removal of intervals added is not supported because that would
     * require keeping track of the individual intervals that were
     * added (nsIntervalMap should do that).  It would be simple to
     * implement ExcludeInterval if anyone wants it, though.
    void IncludeInterval(coord_type aBegin, coord_type aEnd);

     * Is the point aPoint contained within the set of intervals?
    PRBool HasPoint(coord_type aPoint) const;

     * Are _some_ points in [aBegin, aEnd] contained within the set
     * of intervals?
    PRBool Intersects(coord_type aBegin, coord_type aEnd) const;

     * Are _all_ points in [aBegin, aEnd] contained within the set
     * of intervals?
    PRBool Contains(coord_type aBegin, coord_type aEnd) const;

    PRBool IsEmpty() const
        return !mList;


    class Interval {

        Interval(coord_type aBegin, coord_type aEnd)
            : mBegin(aBegin),

        coord_type mBegin;
        coord_type mEnd;
        Interval *mPrev;
        Interval *mNext;

    void FreeInterval(Interval *aInterval);

    Interval           *mList;
    IntervalSetAlloc    mAlloc;
    IntervalSetFree     mFree;
    void               *mAllocatorClosure;

#endif // !defined(nsIntervalSet_h___)