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Backing out Bug 1518799 (changeset eace4709948c) because the target page is not yet available. a=backout

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 * nsStubDocumentObserver is an implementation of the nsIDocumentObserver
 * interface (except for the methods on nsISupports) that is intended to be
 * used as a base class within the content/layout library.  All methods do
 * nothing.

#ifndef nsStubDocumentObserver_h_
#define nsStubDocumentObserver_h_

#include "nsIDocumentObserver.h"

 * There are two advantages to inheriting from nsStubDocumentObserver
 * rather than directly from nsIDocumentObserver:
 *  1. smaller compiled code size (since there's no need for the code
 *     for the empty virtual function implementations for every
 *     nsIDocumentObserver implementation)
 *  2. the performance of document's loop over observers benefits from
 *     the fact that more of the functions called are the same (which
 *     can reduce instruction cache misses and perhaps improve branch
 *     prediction)
class nsStubDocumentObserver : public nsIDocumentObserver {

#endif /* !defined(nsStubDocumentObserver_h_) */