author Seth Fowler <>
Fri, 08 Nov 2013 15:14:58 -0800
changeset 154254 edbf63c3afe2e206691b2a68e8d8279332a1f839
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Bug 933057 (Part 2) - Add tests for scaling explicitly sized svg:image elements in inline SVGs. r=dholbert

<html reftest-zoom="1.5">
  <!-- Test to make sure svg:image is painted correctly when its containing SVG
       is included inline in a zoomed webpage. -->
  <body style="background: lime">
    <!-- 100x100 red div -->
    <div style="background: red;
                margin-left: 30px; margin-top: 30px;
                width: 100px; height: 100px;">
      <svg xmlns=""
           style="shape-rendering: crispEdges">
        <!-- SVG with an intrinsic size of 100px x 100px; percentage size on
             image element. -->
        <image xlink:href="lime100x100.svg" width="100%" height="100%"/>