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Bug 1486514 [wpt PR 12695] - Make reftests 800x600 everywhere, a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-tests Change reftest size to 800x600 everywhere (#12695) With Firefox, with the internal reftest runner (used by default), this doesn't actually change the reftest size in Firefox versions prior to 66 (currently on the beta channel); to get the correct behaviour with older versions of Firefox, you must pass `--reftest-external` to use the external reftest runner. -- wpt-commits: d5f07ed3b5186e553940a3d5c547067850a4e3f0 wpt-pr: 12695

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/* Implementations of FloatingPoint functions */

#include "mozilla/FloatingPoint.h"

#include <cfloat>  // for FLT_MAX

namespace mozilla {

bool IsFloat32Representable(double aValue) {
  // NaNs and infinities are representable.
  if (!IsFinite(aValue)) {
    return true;

  // If it exceeds finite |float| range, casting to |double| is always undefined
  // behavior per C++11 [conv.double]p1 last sentence.
  if (Abs(aValue) > FLT_MAX) {
    return false;

  // But if it's within finite range, then either it's 1) an exact value and so
  // representable, or 2) it's "between two adjacent destination values" and
  // safe to cast to "an implementation-defined choice of either of those
  // values".
  auto valueAsFloat = static_cast<float>(aValue);

  // Per [conv.fpprom] this never changes value.
  auto valueAsFloatAsDouble = static_cast<double>(valueAsFloat);

  // Finally, in 1) exact representable value equals exact representable value,
  // or 2) *changed* value does not equal original value, ergo unrepresentable.
  return valueAsFloatAsDouble == aValue;

} /* namespace mozilla */