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Bug 1353629 - PBlob refactoring - part 4 - IPCBlobInputStream, r=smaug IPCBlobInputStream is a new type of nsIInputStream that is used only in content process when a Blob is sent from parent to child. This inputStream is for now, just cloneable. When the parent process sends a Blob to a content process, it has the Blob and its inputStream. With its inputStream it creates a IPCBlobInputStreamParent actor. This actor keeps the inputStream alive for following uses (not part of this patch). On the child side we will have, of course, a IPCBlobInputStreamChild actor. This actor is able to create a IPCBlobInputStream when CreateStream() is called. This means that 1 IPCBlobInputStreamChild can manage multiple IPCBlobInputStreams each time one of them is cloned. When the last one of this stream is released, the child actor sends a __delete__ request to the parent side; the parent will be deleted, and the original inputStream, on the parent side, will be released as well. IPCBlobInputStream is a special inputStream because each method, except for Available() fails. Basically, this inputStream cannot be used on the content process for nothing else than knowing the size of the original stream. In the following patches, I'll introduce an async way to use it.

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
 * You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

#ifndef mozilla_ipc_backgroundchildimpl_h__
#define mozilla_ipc_backgroundchildimpl_h__

#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/ipc/PBackgroundChild.h"
#include "nsAutoPtr.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

class FileHandleBase;

namespace indexedDB {

class ThreadLocal;

} // namespace indexedDB
} // namespace dom

namespace ipc {

// Instances of this class should never be created directly. This class is meant
// to be inherited in BackgroundImpl.
class BackgroundChildImpl : public PBackgroundChild
  class ThreadLocal;

  // Get the ThreadLocal for the current thread if
  // BackgroundChild::GetOrCreateForCurrentThread() has been called and true was
  // returned (e.g. a valid PBackgroundChild actor has been created or is in the
  // process of being created). Otherwise this function returns null.
  // This functions is implemented in BackgroundImpl.cpp.
  static ThreadLocal*

  virtual ~BackgroundChildImpl();

  virtual void
  ProcessingError(Result aCode, const char* aReason) override;

  virtual void
  ActorDestroy(ActorDestroyReason aWhy) override;

  virtual PBackgroundTestChild*
  AllocPBackgroundTestChild(const nsCString& aTestArg) override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPBackgroundTestChild(PBackgroundTestChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PBackgroundIDBFactoryChild*
  AllocPBackgroundIDBFactoryChild(const LoggingInfo& aLoggingInfo) override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPBackgroundIDBFactoryChild(PBackgroundIDBFactoryChild* aActor)

  virtual PBackgroundIndexedDBUtilsChild*
  AllocPBackgroundIndexedDBUtilsChild() override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPBackgroundIndexedDBUtilsChild(PBackgroundIndexedDBUtilsChild* aActor)

  virtual PBlobChild*
  AllocPBlobChild(const BlobConstructorParams& aParams) override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPBlobChild(PBlobChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PMemoryStreamChild*
  AllocPMemoryStreamChild(const uint64_t& aSize) override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPMemoryStreamChild(PMemoryStreamChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PIPCBlobInputStreamChild*
  AllocPIPCBlobInputStreamChild(const nsID& aID,
                                const uint64_t& aSize) override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPIPCBlobInputStreamChild(PIPCBlobInputStreamChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PFileDescriptorSetChild*
  AllocPFileDescriptorSetChild(const FileDescriptor& aFileDescriptor)

  virtual bool
  DeallocPFileDescriptorSetChild(PFileDescriptorSetChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PCamerasChild*
  AllocPCamerasChild() override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPCamerasChild(PCamerasChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PVsyncChild*
  AllocPVsyncChild() override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPVsyncChild(PVsyncChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PUDPSocketChild*
  AllocPUDPSocketChild(const OptionalPrincipalInfo& aPrincipalInfo,
                       const nsCString& aFilter) override;
  virtual bool
  DeallocPUDPSocketChild(PUDPSocketChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PBroadcastChannelChild*
  AllocPBroadcastChannelChild(const PrincipalInfo& aPrincipalInfo,
                              const nsCString& aOrigin,
                              const nsString& aChannel) override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPBroadcastChannelChild(PBroadcastChannelChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PServiceWorkerManagerChild*
  AllocPServiceWorkerManagerChild() override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPServiceWorkerManagerChild(PServiceWorkerManagerChild* aActor) override;

  virtual dom::cache::PCacheStorageChild*
  AllocPCacheStorageChild(const dom::cache::Namespace& aNamespace,
                          const PrincipalInfo& aPrincipalInfo) override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPCacheStorageChild(dom::cache::PCacheStorageChild* aActor) override;

  virtual dom::cache::PCacheChild* AllocPCacheChild() override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPCacheChild(dom::cache::PCacheChild* aActor) override;

  virtual dom::cache::PCacheStreamControlChild*
  AllocPCacheStreamControlChild() override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPCacheStreamControlChild(dom::cache::PCacheStreamControlChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PMessagePortChild*
  AllocPMessagePortChild(const nsID& aUUID, const nsID& aDestinationUUID,
                         const uint32_t& aSequenceID) override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPMessagePortChild(PMessagePortChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PChildToParentStreamChild*
  AllocPChildToParentStreamChild() override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPChildToParentStreamChild(PChildToParentStreamChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PParentToChildStreamChild*
  AllocPParentToChildStreamChild() override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPParentToChildStreamChild(PParentToChildStreamChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PAsmJSCacheEntryChild*
  AllocPAsmJSCacheEntryChild(const dom::asmjscache::OpenMode& aOpenMode,
                             const dom::asmjscache::WriteParams& aWriteParams,
                             const PrincipalInfo& aPrincipalInfo) override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPAsmJSCacheEntryChild(PAsmJSCacheEntryChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PQuotaChild*
  AllocPQuotaChild() override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPQuotaChild(PQuotaChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PFileSystemRequestChild*
  AllocPFileSystemRequestChild(const FileSystemParams&) override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPFileSystemRequestChild(PFileSystemRequestChild*) override;

  // Gamepad API Background IPC
  virtual PGamepadEventChannelChild*
  AllocPGamepadEventChannelChild() override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPGamepadEventChannelChild(PGamepadEventChannelChild* aActor) override;

  virtual PGamepadTestChannelChild*
  AllocPGamepadTestChannelChild() override;

  virtual bool
  DeallocPGamepadTestChannelChild(PGamepadTestChannelChild* aActor) override;

class BackgroundChildImpl::ThreadLocal final
  friend class nsAutoPtr<ThreadLocal>;

  nsAutoPtr<mozilla::dom::indexedDB::ThreadLocal> mIndexedDBThreadLocal;
  mozilla::dom::FileHandleBase* mCurrentFileHandle;


  // Only destroyed by nsAutoPtr<ThreadLocal>.

} // namespace ipc
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_ipc_backgroundchildimpl_h__