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Bug 539290 - Test harness should look for minidumps from child (plugin) processes but not turn the tree orange automatically, r=ted

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#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsLayoutDebugCIID.h"
#include "nsIFactory.h"
#include "nsISupports.h"
#include "nsRegressionTester.h"
#include "nsLayoutDebuggingTools.h"
#include "nsLayoutDebugCLH.h"
#include "nsIGenericFactory.h"
#include "nsICategoryManager.h"
#include "nsIServiceManager.h"


static NS_METHOD
RegisterCommandLineHandlers(nsIComponentManager* compMgr, nsIFile* path,
                            const char *location, const char *type,
                            const nsModuleComponentInfo *info)
  nsresult rv;
  nsCOMPtr<nsICategoryManager> catMan (do_GetService(NS_CATEGORYMANAGER_CONTRACTID));

  rv = catMan->AddCategoryEntry("command-line-handler", "m-layoutdebug",
                                PR_TRUE, PR_TRUE, nsnull);
  if (NS_FAILED(rv))
    return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;

  return NS_OK;

static NS_METHOD
UnregisterCommandLineHandlers(nsIComponentManager* compMgr, nsIFile *path,
                              const char *location,
                              const nsModuleComponentInfo *info)
  nsCOMPtr<nsICategoryManager> catMan (do_GetService(NS_CATEGORYMANAGER_CONTRACTID));

  catMan->DeleteCategoryEntry("command-line-handler", "m-layoutdebug",

  return NS_OK;

static const nsModuleComponentInfo components[] =
  { "nsRegressionTester",
  { "nsLayoutDebuggingTools",
  { "LayoutDebug Startup Handler",

NS_IMPL_NSGETMODULE(nsLayoutDebugModule, components)