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Bug 504766. qcms: Fix unaligned reads in qcms. r=jrmuizel Offsets are not guaranteed to be aligned, so don't assume that they are. memcpy instead of just casting and dereferencing.

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# Config file for page loading test
# HTTPBASE: is the URL to the root of the content pages
# FILEBASE: is the file path to the same location (I need both)
# Remaining lines are the names of top level directories under FILEBASE
# which contain the content files, followed by an optional filename in 
# that directory (index.html is assumed if no filename given), and then 
# followed by an optional 'charset' value to ship in the 'Content-type'
# header. [Note: if you want to set the charset, then you must also 
# explicitly set the filename field].
# Warning: you don't want to casually changing the set of urls that you are 
# testing against, if you want to be able to make any reasonable comparison over
# time. And don't change this file while a test is in progress, as it will 
# competely scramble the results for that test.

HTTPBASE: http://somehost.somedomain.sometld/content/base/
FILEBASE: /var/www/html/content/base/       index.html                               # optionally specify a filename         index.html    text/html    iso-8859-1    # optionally specify a filename, mime type and charset             index.html    text/html                  # optionally specify a filename and mime type