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Bug 1390428 (part 9) - Remove nsXPIDLCString. r=erahm. This is straightforward, with only two notable things. - `#include "nsXPIDLString.h" is replaced with `#include "nsString.h"` throughout, because all nsXPIDLString.h did was include nsString.h. The exception is for files which already include nsString.h, in which case the patch just removes the nsXPIDLString.h inclusion. - The patch removes the |xpidl_string| gtest, but improves the |voided| test to cover some of its ground, e.g. testing Adopt(nullptr).

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/* nsStringFwd.h --- forward declarations for string classes */

#ifndef nsStringFwd_h
#define nsStringFwd_h

#include "nscore.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace detail {

class nsStringRepr;
class nsCStringRepr;

} // namespace detail
} // namespace mozilla

static const size_t AutoStringDefaultStorageSize = 64;

// Double-byte (char16_t) string types.
class nsAString;
class nsSubstringTuple;
class nsString;
template<size_t N> class nsAutoStringN;
using nsAutoString = nsAutoStringN<AutoStringDefaultStorageSize>;
class nsDependentString;
class nsDependentSubstring;
class nsPromiseFlatString;
class nsStringComparator;
class nsDefaultStringComparator;

// Single-byte (char) string types.
class nsACString;
class nsCSubstringTuple;
class nsCString;
template<size_t N> class nsAutoCStringN;
using nsAutoCString = nsAutoCStringN<AutoStringDefaultStorageSize>;
class nsDependentCString;
class nsDependentCSubstring;
class nsPromiseFlatCString;
class nsCStringComparator;
class nsDefaultCStringComparator;

#endif /* !defined(nsStringFwd_h) */