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#ifndef mozilla_SandboxReporterClient_h
#define mozilla_SandboxReporterClient_h

#include "reporter/SandboxReporterCommon.h"

namespace mozilla {

// This class is instantiated in child processes in Sandbox.cpp to
// send reports from the SIGSYS handler to the SandboxReporter
// instance in the parent.
class SandboxReporterClient {
  // Note: this does not take ownership of the file descriptor; if
  // it's not kSandboxReporterFileDesc (e.g., for unit testing), the
  // caller will need to close it to avoid leaks.
  SandboxReporterClient(SandboxReport::ProcType aProcType, int aFd);

  // This constructor uses the default fd (kSandboxReporterFileDesc)
  // for a sandboxed child process.
  explicit SandboxReporterClient(SandboxReport::ProcType aProcType);

  // Constructs a report from a signal context (the ucontext_t* passed
  // as void* to an sa_sigaction handler); uses the caller's pid and tid.
  SandboxReport MakeReport(const void* aContext);

  void SendReport(const SandboxReport& aReport);

  SandboxReport MakeReportAndSend(const void* aContext) {
    SandboxReport report = MakeReport(aContext);
    return report;

  SandboxReport::ProcType mProcType;
  int mFd;

}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_SandboxReporterClient_h