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Bug 743830: Added 'gfx.xrender.enableded' pref (true by default). The pref is fetched in gfPlatformGtk.cpp and can be accessed through gfxPlatformGtk::UseXRender(). UseXRender is used in GLContextProviderGLX to set mUseTextureFromPixmap. r=jrmuizel,gw280

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIObserver.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(e177399e-2e31-4019-aed3-cba63ce9fa99)]
interface nsIAlertsService : nsISupports
    * Displays a sliding notification window.
    * @param imageUrl       A URL identifying the image to put in the alert.
    * @param title          The title for the alert.
    * @param text           The contents of the alert.
    * @param textClickable  If true, causes the alert text to look like a link
    *                       and notifies the listener when user attempts to 
    *                       click the alert text.
    * @param cookie         A blind cookie the alert will pass back to the 
    *                       consumer during the alert listener callbacks.
    * @param alertListener  Used for callbacks. May be null if the caller 
    *                       doesn't care about callbacks.
    * @param name           The name of the notification. This is currently
    *                       only used on OS X with Growl and Android.
    *                       On OS X with Growl, users can disable notifications
    *                       with a given name. On Android the name is hashed
    *                       and used as a notification ID.
    * @throws NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE If the notification cannot be displayed.
    * The following arguments will be passed to the alertListener's observe() 
    * method:
    *   subject - null
    *   topic   - "alertfinished" when the alert goes away
    *             "alertclickcallback" when the text is clicked
    *   data    - the value of the cookie parameter passed to showAlertNotification.
    * @note Depending on current circumstances (if the user's in a fullscreen
    *       application, for instance), the alert might not be displayed at all.
    *       In that case, if an alert listener is passed in it will receive the
    *       "alertfinished" notification immediately.
   void showAlertNotification(in AString  imageUrl, 
                              in AString  title, 
                              in AString  text, 
                              [optional] in boolean textClickable,
                              [optional] in AString cookie,
                              [optional] in nsIObserver alertListener,
                              [optional] in AString name);


[scriptable, uuid(df1bd4b0-3a8c-40e6-806a-203f38b0bd9f)]
interface nsIAlertsProgressListener : nsISupports
     * Called to notify the alert service that progress has occurred for the
     * given notification previously displayed with showAlertNotification().
     * @param name         The name of the notification displaying the
     *                     progress. On Android the name is hashed and used
     *                     as a notification ID.
     * @param progress     Numeric value in the range 0 to progressMax
     *                     indicating the current progress.
     * @param progressMax  Numeric value indicating the maximum progress.
     * @param text         The contents of the alert. If not provided,
     *                     the percentage will be displayed.
    void onProgress(in AString name,
                    in long long progress,
                    in long long progressMax,
                    [optional] in AString text);

     * Called to cancel and hide the given notification previously displayed
     * with showAlertNotification().
     * @param name         The name of the notification.
    void onCancel(in AString name);