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Fix bug 404666 by making spanned colframes be continuations of the col that spans them. r=bernd, sr=roc, a=schrep

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/* BarProps are the collection of little properties of DOM windows whose
   only property of their own is "visible".  They describe the window
   chrome which can be made visible or not through JavaScript by setting
   the appropriate property (window.menubar.visible)

#ifndef nsBarProps_h___
#define nsBarProps_h___

#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsIScriptContext.h"
#include "nsIDOMBarProp.h"
#include "nsIWeakReference.h"

class nsGlobalWindow;
class nsIWebBrowserChrome;

// Script "BarProp" object
class nsBarProp : public nsIDOMBarProp
  virtual ~nsBarProp();


  NS_IMETHOD SetWebBrowserChrome(nsIWebBrowserChrome* aBrowserChrome);

  NS_IMETHOD GetVisibleByFlag(PRBool *aVisible, PRUint32 aChromeFlag);
  NS_IMETHOD SetVisibleByFlag(PRBool aVisible, PRUint32 aChromeFlag);

  // Weak Reference
  nsIWebBrowserChrome* mBrowserChrome;

// Script "menubar" object
class nsMenubarProp : public nsBarProp
  virtual ~nsMenubarProp();


// Script "toolbar" object
class nsToolbarProp : public nsBarProp
  virtual ~nsToolbarProp();


// Script "locationbar" object
class nsLocationbarProp : public nsBarProp
  virtual ~nsLocationbarProp();


// Script "personalbar" object
class nsPersonalbarProp : public nsBarProp
  virtual ~nsPersonalbarProp();


// Script "statusbar" object
class nsStatusbarProp : public nsBarProp
  virtual ~nsStatusbarProp();


// Script "scrollbars" object
class nsScrollbarsProp : public nsBarProp {
  nsScrollbarsProp(nsGlobalWindow *aWindow);
  virtual ~nsScrollbarsProp();


  nsGlobalWindow           *mDOMWindow;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIWeakReference>  mDOMWindowWeakref;
  /* Note the odd double reference to the owning global window.
     Since the corresponding DOM window nominally owns this object,
     yet refcounted ownership of this object can be handed off to
     owners unknown, we need a weak ref to back to the DOM window.
     However we also need access to properties of the DOM Window
     that aren't available through interfaces. Then it's either
     a weak ref and some skanky casting, or this funky double ref.
     Funky beats skanky, so here we are. */

#endif /* nsBarProps_h___ */