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Improve crashtests.list bug-annotations

load 46043-1.html
load 47843-1.html
load 49122-1.html
load 50257-1.html
load 50395-1.html
load 56746-1.html
load 89101-1.html
load 89358-1.html
load 90205-1.html
load 99776-1.html
load 118931-1.html
load 121533-1.html
load 123049-1.html
load 123946-1.html
load 128855-1.html
load 133410-1.html
load 143862-1.html
load 143862-2.html
load 147320-1.html
load 148245-1.html
load 149014-1.html
skip load 150431-1.html # slow test
load 176915-1.html
load 191272-1.html
load 199696-1.html
load 217903-1.html
load 223064-1.html
load 234851-1.html
load 234851-2.html
load 241300-1.html
load 243159-1.html
load 243159-2.xhtml
asserts(1) load 243519-1.html # bug 536692
load 244490-1.html
load 254367-1.html
load 265027-1.html
load 265736-1.html
load 265736-2.html
load 265899-1.html
load 265973-1.html
asserts(10) asserts-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="windows",8) load 265986-1.html # Bug 512405
load 265999-1.html
load 266222-1.html
asserts(7) load 266360-1.html
asserts(4) load 266445-1.html
load 268157-1.html
load 269566-1.html
load 272647-1.html
load 275746-1.html
load 276053-1.html
load 280708-1.html
load 280708-2.html
load 281333-1.html
load 285212-1.html
load 286813-1.html
load 288790-1.html
load 306940-1.html
load 310267-1.xml
load 310638-1.svg
load 310638-2.html
load 311661-1.html
load 311661-2.html
load 313086-1.xml
load 317285-1.html
load 317934-1.html
load 320459-1.html
load 321058-1.xul
load 321058-2.xul
load 321077-1.xul
load 321077-2.xul
load 322436-1.html
load 325967-1.html
load 325984-1.xhtml
load 325984-2.html
load 328944-1.xul
load 329900-1.html
load 330015-1.html
load 331204-1.html
load 331679-1.xhtml
load 331679-2.xml
load 331679-3.xml
load 331883-1.html
load 331883-2.html
load 335140-1.html
load 336291-1.html
load 336999-1.xul
load 337066-1.xhtml
load 337268-1.html
load 337419-1.html
load 337476-1.xul
load 338703-1.html
load 339651-1.html
load 340093-1.xul
load 341858-1.html
load 342145-1.xhtml
load 343293-1.xhtml
load 343293-2.xhtml
load 343540-1.html
load 344057-1.xhtml
load 344064-1.html
load 344300-1.html
load 344300-2.html
load 344340-1.xul
load 347898-1.html
load 348126-1.html
load 348688-1.html
load 348708-1.xhtml
asserts(2) load 348729-1.html
load 349095-1.xhtml
load 350128-1.xhtml
load 350267-1.html
load 354133-1.html
load 354766-1.xhtml
load 354771-1.xul
load 355989-1.xhtml
load 355993-1.xhtml
load 356325-1.xul
load 358729-1.xhtml
load 360339-1.xul
load 360339-2.xul
load 364427-1.html
load 365909-1.xhtml
load 365909-2.xhtml
load 366128-1.xhtml
load 366271-1.html
load 366967-1.html
load 367015-1.html
load 367243-1.html
load 369945-1.xhtml
load 371681-1.xhtml
load 372237-1.html
load 372475-1.xhtml
load 372550-1.html
load 374193-1.xhtml
load 374297-1.html
load 374297-2.html
load 376223-1.xhtml
asserts(1) load 378325-1.html
load 379105-1.xhtml
load 379419-1.xhtml
load 379768-1.html
load 379799-1.html
load 379920-1.svg
load 379920-2.svg
load 380096-1.html
load 382204-1.html
load 383102-1.xhtml
load 383129-1.html
load 383806-1.xhtml
load 384344-1.html
load 384392-1.xhtml
load 384392-2.svg
load 384649-1.xhtml
load 385866-1.xhtml
load 385880-1.xhtml
load 386266-1.html
load 387195-1.html
load 387195-2.xhtml
load 388715-1.html
load 390976-1.html
load 393326-1.html
load 393326-2.html
load 393661-1.html
load 393801-1.html
load 394014-1.html
asserts(0-1) load 394014-2.html # bug 429586
load 394150-1.xhtml
load 397011-1.xhtml
load 398510-1.xhtml
load 399132-1.xhtml
load 399219-1.xhtml
load 399365-1.html
load 399676-1.xhtml
load 399687-1.html
load 399940-1.xhtml
load 399946-1.xhtml
load 399951-1.html
load 399994-1.html
load 400185-1.xul
load 400445-1.xhtml
load 400904-1.xhtml
load 401589-1.xul
skip load 403175-1.html # times out occasionally, bug 473680
load 403245-1.html
load 403569-1.xhtml
load 403569-2.xhtml
load 403569-3.xhtml
load 404218-1.xhtml
load 404491-1.html
load 404721-1.xhtml
load 404721-2.xhtml
load 405049-1.xul
load 405184-1.xhtml
load 405186-1.xhtml
load 406675-1.html
load 408292.html
load 408299.html
load 408450-1.xhtml
load 409461-1.xhtml
load 409513.html
load 410967.html
load 411870-1.html
load 412651-1.html
asserts(6) load 413587-1.svg
load 414058-1.html
load 414175-1.xul
load 420031-1.html
load 420213-1.html
load 420219-1.html
load 420651-1.xhtml
load 421203-1.xul
load 423107-1.xhtml
load 425981-1.html
load 428138-1.html
load 428448-1.html
load 429088-1.html
load 429088-2.html
load 429780-1.xhtml
load 429865-1.html
load 430569-1.html
load 430569-2.html
load 432752-1.svg
load 433450-1.html
load 436982-1.html
load 437142-1.html
load 444863-1.html
load 444925-1.xul
load 444967-1.html
load 446328.html
load 448488-1.html
load 450319-1.xhtml
asserts(3) load 453894-1.xhtml
load 454751-1.xul
load 455063-1.html
load 455063-2.html
load 455063-3.html
load 455171-4.html
load 457362-1.xhtml
load 466763-1.html
load 467881-1.html
load 468491-1.html
load 468546-1.xhtml
load 468578-1.xhtml
# These three didn't actually crash without the resizing that the
# browser does when setting up print preview, but adding them anyway.
load 468645-1.xhtml
load 468645-2.xhtml
load 468645-3.xhtml
load 469861-1.xhtml
load 469861-2.xhtml
load 471594-1.xhtml
load 479114-1.html
load 477333-1.xhtml
load 477731-1.html
load 481806-1.html
load 483604-1.xhtml
load 487544-1.html
load 488390-1.xhtml
load 489691.html
load 490376-1.xhtml
load 490559-1.html
load 490747.html
load 491547-1.xul
load 491547-2.xul
load 492014.xhtml
load 492112-1.xhtml
load 492163-1.xhtml
load 495350-1.html
load 497519-1.xhtml
load 497519-2.xhtml
load 499741-1.xhtml
load 499841-1.xhtml
load 500467-1.html
load 501878-1.html
load 503936-1.html
load 522374-1.html
load 522374-2.html
load 526378-1.xul
load 535721-1.xhtml
load 535911-1.xhtml
load 536623-1.xhtml
load 537059-1.xhtml
load 537141-1.xhtml
load 537562-1.xhtml
load 538082-1.xul
load 538207-1.xhtml
load 538210-1.html
load 541869-1.xhtml
load 541869-2.html
load 560441-1.xhtml
load 560447-1.html
load 564063-1.html
load 567292-1.xhtml