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Bug 1540573 - p7. Modify CSP tests to use preload=2 on (emulated) cellular connections. r=jya The Content Security Policy tests were handling the smaller android preload values that were #defined on Android by setting media.preload.default=2. Now that we're detecting whether we're on cellular or not, and the android emulators that our tests run on emulate a cellular connection, just setting media.preload.default is no longer enough. So set media.preload.default.cellular=2 in the CSP mochitests instead of media.preload.default, to make the CSP mochitests pass in the Android emulators. Differential Revision:

  <title>Test for Content Security Policy Connections</title>
  <script src="/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js"></script>
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/tests/SimpleTest/test.css" />
<p id="display"></p>
<div id="content" style="display: none">
<iframe style="width:200px;height:200px;" id='cspframe'></iframe>
<script class="testbody" type="text/javascript">

// These are test results: -1 means it hasn't run,
// true/false is the pass/fail result.
window.tests = {
  img_good: -1,
  img_bad: -1,
  style_good: -1,
  style_bad: -1,
  frame_good: -1,
  frame_bad: -1,
  script_good: -1,
  script_bad: -1,
  xhr_good: -1,
  xhr_bad: -1,
  fetch_good: -1,
  fetch_bad: -1,
  beacon_good: -1,
  beacon_bad: -1,
  media_good: -1,
  media_bad: -1,
  font_good: -1,
  font_bad: -1,
  object_good: -1,
  object_bad: -1,

// This is used to watch the blocked data bounce off CSP and allowed data
// get sent out to the wire.
function examiner() {
  SpecialPowers.addObserver(this, "csp-on-violate-policy");
  SpecialPowers.addObserver(this, "specialpowers-http-notify-request");
examiner.prototype  = {
  observe: function(subject, topic, data) {
    var testpat = new RegExp("testid=([a-z0-9_]+)");

    //_good things better be allowed!
    //_bad things better be stopped!

    // This is a special observer topic that is proxied from
    // http-on-modify-request in the parent process to inform us when a URI is
    // loaded
    if (topic === "specialpowers-http-notify-request") {
      var uri = data;
      if (!testpat.test(uri)) return;
      var testid = testpat.exec(uri)[1];

                        uri + " allowed by csp");

    if (topic === "csp-on-violate-policy") {
      // these were blocked... record that they were blocked
      var asciiSpec = SpecialPowers.getPrivilegedProps(SpecialPowers.do_QueryInterface(subject, "nsIURI"), "asciiSpec");
      if (!testpat.test(asciiSpec)) return;
      var testid = testpat.exec(asciiSpec)[1];
                        asciiSpec + " blocked by \"" + data + "\"");

  // must eventually call this to remove the listener,
  // or mochitests might get borked.
  remove: function() {
    SpecialPowers.removeObserver(this, "csp-on-violate-policy");
    SpecialPowers.removeObserver(this, "specialpowers-http-notify-request");

window.examiner = new examiner();

window.testResult = function(testname, result, msg) {
  // test already complete.... forget it... remember the first result.
  if (window.tests[testname] != -1)

  ok(testname in window.tests, "It's a real test");
  window.tests[testname] = result;
  is(result, true, testname + ' test: ' + msg);

  // if any test is incomplete, keep waiting
  for (var v in window.tests)
    if(tests[v] == -1)

  // ... otherwise, finish


  {'set':[// On a cellular connection the default preload value is 0 ("preload
          // none"). Our Android emulators emulate a cellular connection, and
          // so by default preload no media data. This causes the media_* tests
          // to timeout. We set the default used by cellular connections to the
          // same as used by non-cellular connections in order to get
          // consistent behavior across platforms/devices.
          ["media.preload.default", 2],
          ["media.preload.default.cellular", 2]]},
    function() {
      // save this for last so that our listeners are registered.
      // ... this loads the testbed of good and bad requests.
      document.getElementById('cspframe').src = 'file_main.html';