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Bug 1519307 - Add a new project to build useful parts of breakpad independently. r=froydnj With `ac_add_options --enable-project=tools/crashreporter` in a mozconfig, `./mach build` builds minidump_stackwalk, dump_syms and fileid. One caveat is that due to limitation in how the build system works currently, it's cumbersome to keep dump_syms as a host program for Gecko, and to make it a target program for this project. For now, keep it as a host program. We're not going to use it on automation, but it's still convenient to have for quick local builds (I've had to resort to awful hacks downstream). Differential Revision:

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#if !defined(BackgroundVideoDecodingPermissionObserver_h_)
#define BackgroundVideoDecodingPermissionObserver_h_

#include "nsIObserver.h"
#include "nsISupportsImpl.h"

class nsISupports;
class nsPIDOMWindowOuter;

namespace mozilla {

namespace dom {
class Document;

class MediaDecoder;

class BackgroundVideoDecodingPermissionObserver final : public nsIObserver {

  explicit BackgroundVideoDecodingPermissionObserver(MediaDecoder* aDecoder);

  NS_IMETHOD Observe(nsISupports* aSubject, const char* aTopic,
                     const char16_t* aData) override;
  void RegisterEvent();
  void UnregisterEvent();

  void EnableEvent() const;
  void DisableEvent() const;
  already_AddRefed<nsPIDOMWindowOuter> GetOwnerWindow() const;
  dom::Document* GetOwnerDoc() const;
  bool IsValidEventSender(nsISupports* aSubject) const;

  // The life cycle of observer would always be shorter than decoder, so we
  // use raw pointer here.
  MediaDecoder* mDecoder;
  bool mIsRegisteredForEvent;

}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // BackgroundVideoDecodingPermissionObserver_h_