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#ifndef mozilla_layers_ShadowLayersParent_h
#define mozilla_layers_ShadowLayersParent_h

#include "mozilla/layers/PLayersParent.h"

namespace mozilla {

namespace layout {
class RenderFrameParent;

namespace layers {

class Layer;
class ShadowLayerManager;

class ShadowLayersParent : public PLayersParent
  typedef mozilla::layout::RenderFrameParent RenderFrameParent;
  typedef InfallibleTArray<Edit> EditArray;
  typedef InfallibleTArray<EditReply> EditReplyArray;

  ShadowLayersParent(ShadowLayerManager* aManager);

  void Destroy();

  ShadowLayerManager* layer_manager() const { return mLayerManager; }

  ContainerLayer* GetRoot() const { return mRoot; }

  NS_OVERRIDE virtual bool RecvUpdate(const EditArray& cset,
                                      EditReplyArray* reply);

  NS_OVERRIDE virtual bool RecvGetParentType(LayersBackend* aBackend);

  NS_OVERRIDE virtual PLayerParent* AllocPLayer();
  NS_OVERRIDE virtual bool DeallocPLayer(PLayerParent* actor);

  RenderFrameParent* Frame();

  nsRefPtr<ShadowLayerManager> mLayerManager;
  // Hold the root because it might be grafted under various
  // containers in the "real" layer tree
  nsRefPtr<ContainerLayer> mRoot;
  // When the widget/frame/browser stuff in this process begins its
  // destruction process, we need to Disconnect() all the currently
  // live shadow layers, because some of them might be orphaned from
  // the layer tree.  This happens in Destroy() above.  After we
  // Destroy() ourself, there's a window in which that information
  // hasn't yet propagated back to the child side and it might still
  // send us layer transactions.  We want to ignore those transactions
  // because they refer to "zombie layers" on this side.  So, we track
  // that state with |mDestroyed|.  This is similar to, but separate
  // from, |mLayerManager->IsDestroyed()|; we might have had Destroy()
  // called on us but the mLayerManager might not be destroyed, or
  // vice versa.  In both cases though, we want to ignore shadow-layer
  // transactions posted by the child.
  bool mDestroyed;

} // namespace layers
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // ifndef mozilla_layers_ShadowLayersParent_h