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bug 1533831: remote: remove browser.fission.simulate pref; r=ochameau,yulia The browser.fission.simulate preference has been split into two preferences: fission.frontend.simulate-events and fission.frontend.simulate-messages. The remote agent briefly used the child actor system from the Firefox frontend code when we prototyped the initial remote agent, but it no longer relies on it. This means we can drop the reference to browser.fission.simulate altogether. DONTBUILD Differential Revision:


The remote agent is by default not included in Firefox builds.
To build it, put this in your [mozconfig]:

	ac_add_options --enable-cdp

This exposes a `--remote-debugger` flag you can use to start the
remote agent:

	% ./mach run --remote-debugger

When you make changes to the XPCOM component you need to rebuild
in order for the changes to take effect.  The most efficient way to
do this, provided you haven’t touched any compiled code (C++ or Rust):

	% ./mach build faster

Component files include the likes of RemoteAgent.js, RemoteAgent.manifest, files, prefs/remote.js, and  All the JS modules
(files ending with `.jsm`) are symlinked into the build and can be
changed without rebuilding.

[mozconfig]: ../build/buildsystem/mozconfigs.html