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servo: Merge #11607 - Remove the layout and paint shutdown channels (from Ms2ger:shutdown-channels); r=asajeffrey Source-Repo: Source-Revision: 80a58cadc5f864bfb44671e2e7228d7c6cdf4ab4

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */


extern crate gfx;
extern crate ipc_channel;
extern crate msg;
extern crate net_traits;
extern crate profile_traits;
extern crate script_traits;
extern crate url;
extern crate util;
extern crate webrender_traits;

// This module contains traits in layout used generically
//   in the rest of Servo.
// The traits are here instead of in layout so
//   that these modules won't have to depend on layout.

use gfx::font_cache_thread::FontCacheThread;
use gfx::paint_thread::LayoutToPaintMsg;
use ipc_channel::ipc::{IpcReceiver, IpcSender};
use msg::constellation_msg::{PanicMsg, PipelineId};
use net_traits::image_cache_thread::ImageCacheThread;
use profile_traits::{mem, time};
use script_traits::LayoutMsg as ConstellationMsg;
use script_traits::{LayoutControlMsg, ConstellationControlMsg};
use std::sync::mpsc::{Sender, Receiver};
use url::Url;
use util::ipc::OptionalIpcSender;

// A static method creating a layout thread
// Here to remove the compositor -> layout dependency
pub trait LayoutThreadFactory {
    type Message;
    fn create(id: PipelineId,
              url: Url,
              is_iframe: bool,
              chan: (Sender<Self::Message>, Receiver<Self::Message>),
              pipeline_port: IpcReceiver<LayoutControlMsg>,
              constellation_chan: IpcSender<ConstellationMsg>,
              panic_chan: IpcSender<PanicMsg>,
              script_chan: IpcSender<ConstellationControlMsg>,
              layout_to_paint_chan: OptionalIpcSender<LayoutToPaintMsg>,
              image_cache_thread: ImageCacheThread,
              font_cache_thread: FontCacheThread,
              time_profiler_chan: time::ProfilerChan,
              mem_profiler_chan: mem::ProfilerChan,
              content_process_shutdown_chan: IpcSender<()>,
              webrender_api_sender: Option<webrender_traits::RenderApiSender>);