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Implement remote CompositorWidgets on Windows. (bug 1281998 part 7, r=billm)

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#ifndef mozilla_layers_CompositorBridgeParent_h
#define mozilla_layers_CompositorBridgeParent_h

// Enable this pref to turn on compositor performance warning.
// This will print warnings if the compositor isn't meeting
// its responsiveness objectives:
//    1) Compose a frame within 15ms of receiving a ScheduleCompositeCall
//    2) Unless a frame was composited within the throttle threshold in
//       which the deadline will be 15ms + throttle threshold

#include <stdint.h>                     // for uint64_t
#include "Layers.h"                     // for Layer
#include "mozilla/Assertions.h"         // for MOZ_ASSERT_HELPER2
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"         // for override
#include "mozilla/Maybe.h"
#include "mozilla/Monitor.h"            // for Monitor
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"             // for RefPtr
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h"          // for TimeStamp
#include "mozilla/dom/ipc/IdType.h"
#include "mozilla/gfx/Point.h"          // for IntSize
#include "mozilla/ipc/ProtocolUtils.h"
#include "mozilla/ipc/SharedMemory.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/GeckoContentController.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/ISurfaceAllocator.h" // for ShmemAllocator
#include "mozilla/layers/LayersMessages.h"  // for TargetConfig
#include "mozilla/layers/PCompositorBridgeParent.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/ShadowLayersManager.h" // for ShadowLayersManager
#include "mozilla/layers/APZTestData.h"
#include "mozilla/widget/CompositorWidget.h"
#include "nsISupportsImpl.h"
#include "ThreadSafeRefcountingWithMainThreadDestruction.h"
#include "mozilla/VsyncDispatcher.h"

class MessageLoop;
class nsIWidget;

namespace mozilla {

class CancelableRunnable;

namespace gfx {
class DrawTarget;
class GPUProcessManager;
} // namespace gfx

namespace ipc {
class Shmem;
} // namespace ipc

namespace layers {

class APZCTreeManager;
class AsyncCompositionManager;
class Compositor;
class CompositorBridgeParent;
class LayerManagerComposite;
class LayerTransactionParent;
class PAPZParent;
class CrossProcessCompositorBridgeParent;
class CompositorThreadHolder;
class InProcessCompositorSession;

struct ScopedLayerTreeRegistration
  ScopedLayerTreeRegistration(APZCTreeManager* aApzctm,
                              uint64_t aLayersId,
                              Layer* aRoot,
                              GeckoContentController* aController);

  uint64_t mLayersId;

 * Manages the vsync (de)registration and tracking on behalf of the
 * compositor when it need to paint.
 * Turns vsync notifications into scheduled composites.
class CompositorVsyncScheduler

  explicit CompositorVsyncScheduler(CompositorBridgeParent* aCompositorBridgeParent,
                                    widget::CompositorWidget* aWidget);

  // emulator-ics never trigger the display on/off, so compositor will always
  // skip composition request at that device. Only check the display status
  // with kk device and upon.
  // SetDisplay() and CancelSetDisplayTask() are used for the display on/off.
  // It will clear all composition related task and flag, and skip another
  // composition task during the display off. That could prevent the problem
  // that compositor might show the old content at the first frame of display on.
  void SetDisplay(bool aDisplayEnable);

  bool NotifyVsync(TimeStamp aVsyncTimestamp);
  void SetNeedsComposite();
  void OnForceComposeToTarget();

  void ScheduleTask(already_AddRefed<CancelableRunnable>, int);
  void ResumeComposition();
  void ComposeToTarget(gfx::DrawTarget* aTarget, const gfx::IntRect* aRect = nullptr);
  void PostCompositeTask(TimeStamp aCompositeTimestamp);
  void Destroy();
  void ScheduleComposition();
  void CancelCurrentCompositeTask();
  bool NeedsComposite();
  void Composite(TimeStamp aVsyncTimestamp);
  void ForceComposeToTarget(gfx::DrawTarget* aTarget, const gfx::IntRect* aRect);

  const TimeStamp& GetLastComposeTime()
    return mLastCompose;

  const TimeStamp& GetExpectedComposeStartTime()
    return mExpectedComposeStartTime;

  virtual ~CompositorVsyncScheduler();

  void NotifyCompositeTaskExecuted();
  void ObserveVsync();
  void UnobserveVsync();
  void DispatchTouchEvents(TimeStamp aVsyncTimestamp);
  void DispatchVREvents(TimeStamp aVsyncTimestamp);
  void CancelCurrentSetNeedsCompositeTask();
  void CancelSetDisplayTask();

  class Observer final : public VsyncObserver
    explicit Observer(CompositorVsyncScheduler* aOwner);
    virtual bool NotifyVsync(TimeStamp aVsyncTimestamp) override;
    void Destroy();
    virtual ~Observer();

    Mutex mMutex;
    // Hold raw pointer to avoid mutual reference.
    CompositorVsyncScheduler* mOwner;

  CompositorBridgeParent* mCompositorBridgeParent;
  TimeStamp mLastCompose;

  TimeStamp mExpectedComposeStartTime;

  bool mAsapScheduling;
  bool mIsObservingVsync;
  uint32_t mNeedsComposite;
  int32_t mVsyncNotificationsSkipped;
  RefPtr<CompositorVsyncDispatcher> mCompositorVsyncDispatcher;
  RefPtr<CompositorVsyncScheduler::Observer> mVsyncObserver;

  mozilla::Monitor mCurrentCompositeTaskMonitor;
  RefPtr<CancelableRunnable> mCurrentCompositeTask;

  mozilla::Monitor mSetNeedsCompositeMonitor;
  RefPtr<CancelableRunnable> mSetNeedsCompositeTask;

  bool mDisplayEnabled;
  mozilla::Monitor mSetDisplayMonitor;
  RefPtr<CancelableRunnable> mSetDisplayTask;

class CompositorUpdateObserver

  virtual void ObserveUpdate(uint64_t aLayersId, bool aActive) = 0;

  virtual ~CompositorUpdateObserver() {}

class CompositorBridgeParent final : public PCompositorBridgeParent,
                                     public ShadowLayersManager,
                                     public CompositorBridgeParentIPCAllocator,
                                     public ShmemAllocator
  friend class CompositorVsyncScheduler;
  friend class CompositorThreadHolder;
  friend class InProcessCompositorSession;
  friend class gfx::GPUProcessManager;

  explicit CompositorBridgeParent(widget::CompositorWidget* aWidget,
                                  CSSToLayoutDeviceScale aScale,
                                  bool aUseAPZ,
                                  bool aUseExternalSurfaceSize,
                                  const gfx::IntSize& aSurfaceSize);

  virtual bool RecvGetFrameUniformity(FrameUniformityData* aOutData) override;
  virtual bool RecvRequestOverfill() override;
  virtual bool RecvWillClose() override;
  virtual bool RecvPause() override;
  virtual bool RecvResume() override;
  virtual bool RecvNotifyHidden(const uint64_t& id) override { return true; }
  virtual bool RecvNotifyVisible(const uint64_t& id) override { return true; }
  virtual bool RecvNotifyChildCreated(const uint64_t& child) override;
  virtual bool RecvAdoptChild(const uint64_t& child) override;
  virtual bool RecvMakeSnapshot(const SurfaceDescriptor& aInSnapshot,
                                const gfx::IntRect& aRect) override;
  virtual bool RecvFlushRendering() override;
  virtual bool RecvForcePresent() override;

  virtual bool RecvAcknowledgeCompositorUpdate(const uint64_t& aLayersId) override {
    MOZ_ASSERT_UNREACHABLE("This message is only sent cross-process");
    return true;

  virtual bool RecvGetTileSize(int32_t* aWidth, int32_t* aHeight) override;

  virtual bool RecvNotifyRegionInvalidated(const nsIntRegion& aRegion) override;
  virtual bool RecvStartFrameTimeRecording(const int32_t& aBufferSize, uint32_t* aOutStartIndex) override;
  virtual bool RecvStopFrameTimeRecording(const uint32_t& aStartIndex, InfallibleTArray<float>* intervals) override;

  // Unused for chrome <-> compositor communication (which this class does).
  // @see CrossProcessCompositorBridgeParent::RecvRequestNotifyAfterRemotePaint
  virtual bool RecvRequestNotifyAfterRemotePaint() override { return true; };

  virtual bool RecvClearVisibleRegions(const uint64_t& aLayersId,
                                       const uint32_t& aPresShellId) override;
  void ClearVisibleRegions(const uint64_t& aLayersId,
                           const Maybe<uint32_t>& aPresShellId);
  virtual bool RecvUpdateVisibleRegion(const VisibilityCounter& aCounter,
                                       const ScrollableLayerGuid& aGuid,
                                       const CSSIntRegion& aRegion) override;
  void UpdateVisibleRegion(const VisibilityCounter& aCounter,
                           const ScrollableLayerGuid& aGuid,
                           const CSSIntRegion& aRegion);

  virtual void ActorDestroy(ActorDestroyReason why) override;

  virtual void ShadowLayersUpdated(LayerTransactionParent* aLayerTree,
                                   const uint64_t& aTransactionId,
                                   const TargetConfig& aTargetConfig,
                                   const InfallibleTArray<PluginWindowData>& aPlugins,
                                   bool aIsFirstPaint,
                                   bool aScheduleComposite,
                                   uint32_t aPaintSequenceNumber,
                                   bool aIsRepeatTransaction,
                                   int32_t aPaintSyncId,
                                   bool aHitTestUpdate) override;
  virtual void ForceComposite(LayerTransactionParent* aLayerTree) override;
  virtual bool SetTestSampleTime(LayerTransactionParent* aLayerTree,
                                 const TimeStamp& aTime) override;
  virtual void LeaveTestMode(LayerTransactionParent* aLayerTree) override;
  virtual void ApplyAsyncProperties(LayerTransactionParent* aLayerTree)
  virtual void FlushApzRepaints(const LayerTransactionParent* aLayerTree) override;
  virtual void GetAPZTestData(const LayerTransactionParent* aLayerTree,
                              APZTestData* aOutData) override;
  virtual void SetConfirmedTargetAPZC(const LayerTransactionParent* aLayerTree,
                                      const uint64_t& aInputBlockId,
                                      const nsTArray<ScrollableLayerGuid>& aTargets) override;
  virtual AsyncCompositionManager* GetCompositionManager(LayerTransactionParent* aLayerTree) override { return mCompositionManager; }

  virtual PTextureParent* AllocPTextureParent(const SurfaceDescriptor& aSharedData,
                                              const LayersBackend& aLayersBackend,
                                              const TextureFlags& aFlags,
                                              const uint64_t& aId,
                                              const uint64_t& aSerial) override;
  virtual bool DeallocPTextureParent(PTextureParent* actor) override;

  virtual bool IsSameProcess() const override;

  virtual ShmemAllocator* AsShmemAllocator() override { return this; }

  virtual bool AllocShmem(size_t aSize,
                          mozilla::ipc::SharedMemory::SharedMemoryType aType,
                          mozilla::ipc::Shmem* aShmem) override;

  virtual bool AllocUnsafeShmem(size_t aSize,
                                mozilla::ipc::SharedMemory::SharedMemoryType aType,
                                mozilla::ipc::Shmem* aShmem) override;

  virtual void DeallocShmem(mozilla::ipc::Shmem& aShmem) override;

  PCompositorWidgetParent* AllocPCompositorWidgetParent(const CompositorWidgetInitData& aInitData) override;
  bool DeallocPCompositorWidgetParent(PCompositorWidgetParent* aActor) override;

  virtual base::ProcessId GetChildProcessId() override
    return OtherPid();

  virtual void SendAsyncMessage(const InfallibleTArray<AsyncParentMessageData>& aMessage) override;

  virtual CompositorBridgeParentIPCAllocator* AsCompositorBridgeParentIPCAllocator() override { return this; }

   * Request that the compositor be recreated due to a shared device reset.
   * This must be called on the main thread, and blocks until a task posted
   * to the compositor thread has completed.
   * Note that this posts a task directly, rather than using synchronous
   * IPDL, and waits on a monitor notification from the compositor thread.
   * We do this as a best-effort attempt to jump any IPDL messages that
   * have not yet been posted (and are sitting around in the IO pipe), to
   * minimize the amount of time the main thread is blocked.
  bool ResetCompositor(const nsTArray<LayersBackend>& aBackendHints,
                       TextureFactoryIdentifier* aOutIdentifier);

   * This forces the is-first-paint flag to true. This is intended to
   * be called by the widget code when it loses its viewport information
   * (or for whatever reason wants to refresh the viewport information).
   * The information refresh happens because the compositor will call
   * SetFirstPaintViewport on the next frame of composition.
  void ForceIsFirstPaint();

  static void SetShadowProperties(Layer* aLayer);

  void NotifyChildCreated(uint64_t aChild);

  void AsyncRender();

  // Can be called from any thread
  void ScheduleRenderOnCompositorThread();
  void SchedulePauseOnCompositorThread();
  void InvalidateOnCompositorThread();
   * Returns true if a surface was obtained and the resume succeeded; false
   * otherwise.
  bool ScheduleResumeOnCompositorThread();
  bool ScheduleResumeOnCompositorThread(int width, int height);

  virtual void ScheduleComposition();
  void NotifyShadowTreeTransaction(uint64_t aId, bool aIsFirstPaint,
      bool aScheduleComposite, uint32_t aPaintSequenceNumber,
      bool aIsRepeatTransaction, bool aHitTestUpdate);

   * Check rotation info and schedule a rendering task if needed.
   * Only can be called from compositor thread.
  void ScheduleRotationOnCompositorThread(const TargetConfig& aTargetConfig, bool aIsFirstPaint);

   * Returns the unique layer tree identifier that corresponds to the root
   * tree of this compositor.
  uint64_t RootLayerTreeId();

   * Notify local and remote layer trees connected to this compositor that
   * the compositor's local device is being reset. All layers must be
   * invalidated to clear any cached TextureSources.
   * This must be called on the compositor thread.
  void InvalidateRemoteLayers();

   * Returns a pointer to the CompositorBridgeParent corresponding to the given ID.
  static CompositorBridgeParent* GetCompositorBridgeParent(uint64_t id);

   * Set aController as the pan/zoom callback for the subtree referred
   * to by aLayersId.
   * Must run on content main thread.
  static void SetControllerForLayerTree(uint64_t aLayersId,
                                        GeckoContentController* aController);

   * A new child process has been configured to push transactions
   * directly to us.  Transport is to its thread context.
  static PCompositorBridgeParent*
  Create(Transport* aTransport, ProcessId aOtherProcess);

  struct LayerTreeState {
    RefPtr<Layer> mRoot;
    RefPtr<GeckoContentController> mController;
    CompositorBridgeParent* mParent;
    LayerManagerComposite* mLayerManager;
    // Pointer to the CrossProcessCompositorBridgeParent. Used by APZCs to share
    // their FrameMetrics with the corresponding child process that holds
    // the PCompositorBridgeChild
    CrossProcessCompositorBridgeParent* mCrossProcessParent;
    TargetConfig mTargetConfig;
    APZTestData mApzTestData;
    LayerTransactionParent* mLayerTree;
    nsTArray<PluginWindowData> mPluginData;
    bool mUpdatedPluginDataAvailable;
    RefPtr<CompositorUpdateObserver> mLayerTreeReadyObserver;
    RefPtr<CompositorUpdateObserver> mLayerTreeClearedObserver;

    // Number of times the compositor has been reset without having been
    // acknowledged by the child.
    uint32_t mPendingCompositorUpdates;

    PCompositorBridgeParent* CrossProcessPCompositorBridge() const;

   * Lookup the indirect shadow tree for |aId| and return it if it
   * exists.  Otherwise null is returned.  This must only be called on
   * the compositor thread.
  static LayerTreeState* GetIndirectShadowTree(uint64_t aId);

#if defined(XP_WIN) || defined(MOZ_WIDGET_GTK)
   * Calculates and requests the main thread update plugin positioning, clip,
   * and visibility via ipc.
  bool UpdatePluginWindowState(uint64_t aId);

   * Plugin visibility helpers for the apz (main thread) and compositor
   * thread.
  void ScheduleShowAllPluginWindows();
  void ScheduleHideAllPluginWindows();
  void ShowAllPluginWindows();
  void HideAllPluginWindows();

   * Main thread response for a plugin visibility request made by the
   * compositor thread.
  virtual bool RecvRemotePluginsReady() override;

   * Used by the profiler to denote when a vsync occured
  static void PostInsertVsyncProfilerMarker(mozilla::TimeStamp aVsyncTimestamp);

  float ComputeRenderIntegrity();

  widget::CompositorWidget* GetWidget() { return mWidget; }

  void ForceComposeToTarget(gfx::DrawTarget* aTarget, const gfx::IntRect* aRect = nullptr);

  bool AsyncPanZoomEnabled() const {
    return !!mApzcTreeManager;

   * Called during destruction in order to release resources as early as possible.
  void StopAndClearResources();

   * This returns a reference to the APZCTreeManager to which
   * pan/zoom-related events can be sent.
  static already_AddRefed<APZCTreeManager> GetAPZCTreeManager(uint64_t aLayersId);

   * Allocate an ID that can be used to refer to a layer tree and
   * associated resources that live only on the compositor thread.
   * Must run on the content main thread.
  static uint64_t AllocateLayerTreeId();
   * Release compositor-thread resources referred to by |aID|.
   * Must run on the content main thread.
  static void DeallocateLayerTreeId(uint64_t aId);

  static void RequestNotifyLayerTreeReady(uint64_t aLayersId, CompositorUpdateObserver* aObserver);
  static void RequestNotifyLayerTreeCleared(uint64_t aLayersId, CompositorUpdateObserver* aObserver);
  static void SwapLayerTreeObservers(uint64_t aLayer, uint64_t aOtherLayer);

   * Creates a new RemoteContentController for aTabId. Should only be called on
   * the main thread.
   * aLayersId The layers id for the browser corresponding to aTabId.
   * aContentParent The ContentParent for the process that the TabChild for
   *                aTabId lives in.
   * aBrowserParent The toplevel TabParent for aTabId.
  static bool UpdateRemoteContentController(uint64_t aLayersId,
                                            dom::ContentParent* aContentParent,
                                            const dom::TabId& aTabId,
                                            dom::TabParent* aBrowserParent);

  // Protected destructor, to discourage deletion outside of Release():
  virtual ~CompositorBridgeParent();

  void DeferredDestroy();

  virtual PLayerTransactionParent*
    AllocPLayerTransactionParent(const nsTArray<LayersBackend>& aBackendHints,
                                 const uint64_t& aId,
                                 TextureFactoryIdentifier* aTextureFactoryIdentifier,
                                 bool* aSuccess) override;
  virtual bool DeallocPLayerTransactionParent(PLayerTransactionParent* aLayers) override;
  virtual void ScheduleTask(already_AddRefed<CancelableRunnable>, int);
  void CompositeToTarget(gfx::DrawTarget* aTarget, const gfx::IntRect* aRect = nullptr);

  void SetEGLSurfaceSize(int width, int height);

  void InitializeLayerManager(const nsTArray<LayersBackend>& aBackendHints);
  void PauseComposition();
  void ResumeComposition();
  void ResumeCompositionAndResize(int width, int height);
  void ForceComposition();
  void CancelCurrentCompositeTask();
  void Invalidate();

  RefPtr<Compositor> NewCompositor(const nsTArray<LayersBackend>& aBackendHints);
  void ResetCompositorTask(const nsTArray<LayersBackend>& aBackendHints,
                           Maybe<TextureFactoryIdentifier>* aOutNewIdentifier);
  Maybe<TextureFactoryIdentifier> ResetCompositorImpl(const nsTArray<LayersBackend>& aBackendHints);

   * Add a compositor to the global compositor map.
  static void AddCompositor(CompositorBridgeParent* compositor, uint64_t* id);
   * Remove a compositor from the global compositor map.
  static CompositorBridgeParent* RemoveCompositor(uint64_t id);

   * Creates the global compositor map.
  static void Initialize();

   * Destroys the compositor thread and global compositor map.
  static void Shutdown();

   * Finish the shutdown operation on the compositor thread.
  static void FinishShutdown();

   * Return true if current state allows compositing, that is
   * finishing a layers transaction.
  bool CanComposite();

  void DidComposite(TimeStamp& aCompositeStart, TimeStamp& aCompositeEnd);

  // The indirect layer tree lock must be held before calling this function.
  // Callback should take (LayerTreeState* aState, const uint64_t& aLayersId)
  template <typename Lambda>
  inline void ForEachIndirectLayerTree(const Lambda& aCallback);

  RefPtr<LayerManagerComposite> mLayerManager;
  RefPtr<Compositor> mCompositor;
  RefPtr<AsyncCompositionManager> mCompositionManager;
  widget::CompositorWidget* mWidget;
  TimeStamp mTestTime;
  bool mIsTesting;

  uint64_t mPendingTransaction;

  bool mPaused;

  bool mUseExternalSurfaceSize;
  gfx::IntSize mEGLSurfaceSize;

  mozilla::Monitor mPauseCompositionMonitor;
  mozilla::Monitor mResumeCompositionMonitor;
  mozilla::Monitor mResetCompositorMonitor;

  uint64_t mCompositorID;
  const uint64_t mRootLayerTreeID;

  bool mOverrideComposeReadiness;
  RefPtr<CancelableRunnable> mForceCompositionTask;

  RefPtr<APZCTreeManager> mApzcTreeManager;

  RefPtr<CompositorThreadHolder> mCompositorThreadHolder;
  RefPtr<CompositorVsyncScheduler> mCompositorScheduler;
  // This makes sure the compositorParent is not destroyed before receiving
  // confirmation that the channel is closed.
  // mSelfRef is cleared in DeferredDestroy which is scheduled by ActorDestroy.
  RefPtr<CompositorBridgeParent> mSelfRef;

#if defined(XP_WIN) || defined(MOZ_WIDGET_GTK)
  // cached plugin data used to reduce the number of updates we request.
  uint64_t mLastPluginUpdateLayerTreeId;
  nsIntPoint mPluginsLayerOffset;
  nsIntRegion mPluginsLayerVisibleRegion;
  nsTArray<PluginWindowData> mCachedPluginData;
  // indicates if plugin window visibility and metric updates are currently
  // being defered due to a scroll operation.
  bool mDeferPluginWindows;
  // indicates if the plugin windows were hidden, and need to be made
  // visible again even if their geometry has not changed.
  bool mPluginWindowsHidden;


} // namespace layers
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_layers_CompositorBridgeParent_h