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Bug 359716 Upgrade LDAP C-SDK to 6.0.x on trunk for Address Book. r=benjamin (build config),sr=mscott

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#ifndef __nsParserDataListener_h__
#define __nsParserDataListener_h__

 * Include this header if you're implementing a parser data
 * listener. To make a component a parser data listener you'll need to
 * make your component implement the interface
 * nsIUnicharStreamListener. That interface has three methods (one +
 * two inherited ones, not counting what's defined in
 * nsISupports). The methods are:
 *  void onStartRequest(in nsIRequest aRequest,
 *                      in nsISupports aContext);
 *  void onUnicharDataAvailable(in nsIRequest aRequest,
 *                              in nsISupports aContext, in AString aData);
 *  void onStopRequest(in nsIRequest aRequest,
 *                     in nsISupports aContext,
 *                     in nsresult aStatusCode);
 * All those methods are called for every network request that ends up
 * feeding data to the parser. The method are called in the order
 * shown above, first one call to onStartRequest(), then one call to
 * onUnicharDataAvailable() per chunk of data received and converted
 * to UTF-16, and finally one call to onStopRequest().
 * The nsIRequest passed into these methods will be the same object
 * for all these calls for a given network request. If the request
 * pointer is used to uniquely identify an ongoing request, the
 * pointer should be QueryInterface()'d to nsISupports to ensure that
 * the pointer used is the identity pointer to the object.
 * The context argument passed to these methods will be the document
 * (nsIDOMDocument) parsed from the stream, or null when not
 * available.
 * Any errors returned from any of these calls will end up canceling
 * the stream, and the data that is passed to the call in question
 * will *not* be seen by the parser. So unless you intend to interrupt
 * a request, *make sure* that you return NS_OK from these methods!

#include "nsIUnicharStreamListener.h"

 * To register a component to be a parser data listener the
 * component's contract id should be registered with the category
 * manager (nsICategoryManager), with the category
 * @status FROZEN
#define PARSER_DATA_LISTENER_CATEGORY "Parser data listener"

#endif // __nsParserDataListener_h__