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Bug 1259782 - Build with Visual Studio 2015 Update 2; r=ted Should be a drop-in replacement for VS2015u1. MozReview-Commit-ID: HSmdikYPR0j

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// TODO Bug 907060 Per off-line discussion, after the MessagePort is done
// at Bug 643325, we will start to refactorize the common logic of both
// Inter-App Communication and Shared Worker. For now, we hope to design an
// MozInterAppMessagePort to meet the timeline, which still follows exactly
// the same interface and semantic as the MessagePort is. In the future,
// we can then align it back to MessagePort with backward compatibility.

 Constructor(DOMString messagePortID),
interface MozInterAppMessagePort : EventTarget {
  void postMessage(any message);

  void start();

  void close();

  attribute EventHandler onmessage;
  attribute EventHandler onclose;