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Bug 1403366 - Don't use nsDirectoryService::Create in nsDirectoryService::GetCurrentProcessDirectory. r=froydnj Back in the day, there was no global with an already initialized DirectoryService. But now there is, and, in fact, GetCurrentProcessDirectory already errors out if that global is not set by the time it's called. All calling nsDirectoryService::Create achieves is doing the check again and calling QueryInterface, which we don't need to do anyways.

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#include "mozilla/gfx/MacIOSurface.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/TextureHostOGL.h"
#include "RenderTextureHostOGL.h"

namespace mozilla {

namespace layers {
class SurfaceDescriptorMacIOSurface;

namespace wr {

class RenderMacIOSurfaceTextureHostOGL final : public RenderTextureHostOGL
  explicit RenderMacIOSurfaceTextureHostOGL(MacIOSurface* aSurface);

  virtual bool Lock() override;
  virtual void Unlock() override;

  virtual void SetGLContext(gl::GLContext* aContext) override;

  virtual gfx::IntSize GetSize(uint8_t aChannelIndex) const override;
  virtual GLuint GetGLHandle(uint8_t aChannelIndex) const override;

  virtual ~RenderMacIOSurfaceTextureHostOGL();
  void DeleteTextureHandle();

  RefPtr<MacIOSurface> mSurface;
  RefPtr<gl::GLContext> mGL;
  GLuint mTextureHandles[3];

} // namespace wr
} // namespace mozilla