author Nick Alexander <>
Thu, 26 Oct 2017 15:49:41 -0700
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parent 195798 f8cd15fa98249662c4541a1fdf588a3cace2b67a
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Bug 1411667 - Remove Spoon plugin references entirely. r=maliu Spoon and some Gradle work allowed to run certain JUnit 3 test suites locally. At the time, running the various test suites was diffficult. Fast forward, and it's easier to run these suites, and in general they are only run in Android Studio. This will only get better as we move the background services tests into a separate module (Bug 1229149). MozReview-Commit-ID: KZTWmkhwi96

# HG changeset patch
# User Karl Tomlinson <>
b=913854 add speex_resampler_set_skip_frac_num r=jmspeex

This allows a client to align output samples consistently for independent
resampling of contiguous input buffers.

diff --git a/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample.c b/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample.c
--- a/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample.c
+++ b/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample.c
@@ -1128,16 +1128,28 @@ EXPORT int speex_resampler_get_output_la
 EXPORT int speex_resampler_skip_zeros(SpeexResamplerState *st)
    spx_uint32_t i;
    for (i=0;i<st->nb_channels;i++)
       st->last_sample[i] = st->filt_len/2;
+EXPORT int speex_resampler_set_skip_frac_num(SpeexResamplerState *st, spx_uint32_t skip_frac_num)
+   spx_uint32_t i;
+   spx_uint32_t last_sample = skip_frac_num / st->den_rate;
+   spx_uint32_t samp_frac_num = skip_frac_num % st->den_rate;
+   for (i=0;i<st->nb_channels;i++) {
+      st->last_sample[i] = last_sample;
+      st->samp_frac_num[i] = samp_frac_num;
+   }
 EXPORT int speex_resampler_reset_mem(SpeexResamplerState *st)
    spx_uint32_t i;
    for (i=0;i<st->nb_channels;i++)
       st->last_sample[i] = 0;
       st->magic_samples[i] = 0;
       st->samp_frac_num[i] = 0;
diff --git a/media/libspeex_resampler/src/speex_resampler.h b/media/libspeex_resampler/src/speex_resampler.h
--- a/media/libspeex_resampler/src/speex_resampler.h
+++ b/media/libspeex_resampler/src/speex_resampler.h
@@ -69,16 +69,17 @@
 #define speex_resampler_get_quality CAT_PREFIX(RANDOM_PREFIX,_resampler_get_quality)
 #define speex_resampler_set_input_stride CAT_PREFIX(RANDOM_PREFIX,_resampler_set_input_stride)
 #define speex_resampler_get_input_stride CAT_PREFIX(RANDOM_PREFIX,_resampler_get_input_stride)
 #define speex_resampler_set_output_stride CAT_PREFIX(RANDOM_PREFIX,_resampler_set_output_stride)
 #define speex_resampler_get_output_stride CAT_PREFIX(RANDOM_PREFIX,_resampler_get_output_stride)
 #define speex_resampler_get_input_latency CAT_PREFIX(RANDOM_PREFIX,_resampler_get_input_latency)
 #define speex_resampler_get_output_latency CAT_PREFIX(RANDOM_PREFIX,_resampler_get_output_latency)
 #define speex_resampler_skip_zeros CAT_PREFIX(RANDOM_PREFIX,_resampler_skip_zeros)
+#define speex_resampler_set_skip_frac_num CAT_PREFIX(RANDOM_PREFIX,_resampler_set_skip_frac_num)
 #define speex_resampler_reset_mem CAT_PREFIX(RANDOM_PREFIX,_resampler_reset_mem)
 #define speex_resampler_strerror CAT_PREFIX(RANDOM_PREFIX,_resampler_strerror)
 #define spx_int16_t short
 #define spx_int32_t int
 #define spx_uint16_t unsigned short
 #define spx_uint32_t unsigned int
@@ -317,16 +318,32 @@ int speex_resampler_get_output_latency(S
  * resampler. It is recommended to use that when resampling an audio file, as
  * it will generate a file with the same length. For real-time processing,
  * it is probably easier not to use this call (so that the output duration
  * is the same for the first frame).
  * @param st Resampler state
 int speex_resampler_skip_zeros(SpeexResamplerState *st);
+/** Set the numerator in a fraction determining the advance through input
+ * samples before writing any output samples. The denominator of the fraction
+ * is the value returned from speex_resampler_get_ratio() in ratio_den. This
+ * is only useful before starting to use a newly created or reset resampler.
+ * If the first input sample is interpreted as the signal at time
+ * input_latency*in_rate, then the first output sample represents the signal
+ * at the time frac_num/ratio_num*out_rate.
+ * This is intended for careful alignment of output sample points wrt input
+ * sample points. Large values are not an efficient offset into the in buffer.
+ * @param st Resampler state
+ * @param skip_frac_num Numerator of the offset fraction,
+ *                      between 0 and ratio_den-1.
+ */
+int speex_resampler_set_skip_frac_num(SpeexResamplerState *st,
+                                      spx_uint32_t skip_frac_num);
 /** Reset a resampler so a new (unrelated) stream can be processed.
  * @param st Resampler state
 int speex_resampler_reset_mem(SpeexResamplerState *st);
 /** Returns the English meaning for an error code
  * @param err Error code
  * @return English string