author Nick Alexander <>
Thu, 26 Oct 2017 15:49:41 -0700
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Bug 1411667 - Remove Spoon plugin references entirely. r=maliu Spoon and some Gradle work allowed to run certain JUnit 3 test suites locally. At the time, running the various test suites was diffficult. Fast forward, and it's easier to run these suites, and in general they are only run in Android Studio. This will only get better as we move the background services tests into a separate module (Bug 1229149). MozReview-Commit-ID: KZTWmkhwi96 says

  asm [volatile] ( AssemblerTemplate : [OutputOperands] [ : [InputOperands] [ : [Clobbers] ] ] )

which implies that Clobbers is optional even after the third colon, but 
the gcc used for b2g_try_emulator_dep builds says

resample_neon.c: In function 'saturate_32bit_to_16bit':
resample_neon.c:50: error: expected string literal before ')' token

diff --git a/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample_neon.c b/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample_neon.c
--- a/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample_neon.c
+++ b/media/libspeex_resampler/src/resample_neon.c
@@ -41,18 +41,17 @@
 #include <arm_neon.h>
 #ifdef __thumb2__
 static inline int32_t saturate_32bit_to_16bit(int32_t a) {
     int32_t ret;
     asm ("ssat %[ret], #16, %[a]"
          : [ret] "=&r" (ret)
-         : [a] "r" (a)
-         : );
+         : [a] "r" (a));
     return ret;
 static inline int32_t saturate_32bit_to_16bit(int32_t a) {
     int32_t ret;
     asm ("vmov.s32 d0[0], %[a]\n"
          "vqmovn.s32 d0, q0\n"
          "vmov.s16 %[ret], d0[0]\n"