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Bug 1252928 - Part 1: Use Jake Wharton's sdk-manager-plugin in Fennec's Gradle configuration. r=sebastian This is a version produced locally from https://github.com/JakeWharton/sdk-manager-plugin/commit/1d07987217120fffdc0ce1291d73e974310d7d92. I used |./gradlew install| and then copied the pieces out of ~/.m2/repository. Local builders should never download using this plugin, since |mach configure| ensures that all the relevant pieces can already be found. It's just useful in automation; and as an eventual replacement for chunks of |mach bootstrap|. MozReview-Commit-ID: 9JiFe0xLr99

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#ifndef __HAL_WAKELOCK_H_
#define __HAL_WAKELOCK_H_

namespace mozilla {
namespace hal {

enum WakeLockState {

 * Return the wake lock state according to the numbers.
WakeLockState ComputeWakeLockState(int aNumLocks, int aNumHidden);

} // namespace hal
} // namespace mozilla

#endif /* __HAL_WAKELOCK_H_ */