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Bug 484457 - Define Status int breaks OSX builds when including MachineExceptions.h. r=vlad

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIAccessNode;
interface nsIContent;


interface nsPIAccessibleDocument : nsISupports
    * Find the accessible object in the accessibility cache that 
    * corresponds to aStartNode or the first ancestor of aStartNode 
    * that has an accessible object associated with it.
    * Clear that accessible object's parent's cache of accessible children and
    * and remove the accessible object and any decendents from the accessible cache.
    * New accessible objects will be created and cached again on demand.
    * @param aChangeContent     The child that is changing
    * @param aEvent             The event from nsIAccessibleEvent that caused the change:
    *                           Must be one of: EVENT_REORDER (change),
    *                                           EVENT_SHOW (make visible or create) or 
    *                                           EVENT_HIDE (destroy or hide)
  void invalidateCacheSubtree(in nsIContent aChangeContent,
                              in PRUint32 aChangeEvent);
  void cacheAccessNode(in voidPtr aUniqueID, in nsIAccessNode aAccessNode);
  void flushPendingEvents();
  void fireDocLoadEvents(in PRUint32 aEventType);
  void fireAnchorJumpEvent();