author Dan Witte <>
Fri, 02 Apr 2010 13:07:02 -0700
changeset 40446 d052f11b495bfc278deed384c40dcc17f95f0398
parent 34134 6cd78a2719be3ded6943e472c60d98d2e46811a1
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Bug 538324 - Move ctypes into js/src. Part 5: Remove nsILocalFile option, and corresponding XPCOM dependency, for r=jorendorff

The source from this directory was copied from the liboggplay svn
source using the script. The only changes made were those
applied by and the addition/upate of files for
the Mozilla build system.


The git commit ID used was 404316e5957370b3c854a86910c237c90746c325.

The following local patches have been applied:

endian: pick up NSPR's little/big endian defines in oggplay's config.h.

bug481921: fix a crash in oggplay_callback_info_prepare().

aspect-ratio: Adds oggplay_get_video_aspect_ratio, used for bug 480058.

bug493678.patch: fix for infinite loop in oggplay_step_decode. See bug 493678.

seek_to_key_frame.patch: Adds oggplay_seek_to_keyframe(), as per bug 463358.

oggplay_os2.patch: Bug 448918 - add OS/2 support (this patch should be
                   removed when OS/2 support is added upstream)

bug496529.patch: Fix bug 496529.

bug500311.patch: Fix crash during decoder initialization.

faster_seek.patch: Fix for bug 501031, make seeking faster over HTTP.

fix-17ef4ca82df28.patch: Fix oggplay_callback_predetected() to return
                         value interpreted as success upon success.
                         Fixes liboggplay changeset 17ef4ca82df28.

handle-read-errors.patch: Make oggplay_initialise() handle closing of stream
                          while reading. Prevents infinite loop. Further fix
                          to 17ef4ca82df28.

bug515217.patch: Fix crash where presentation thread releases a buffer just
                 before decode thread tries to set that buffer as the last at EOF.
bug504843.patch: Abort when decoding video excessively large video frames.

fishsound_reset.patch: Fixes bug 516323.

bug520493.patch: Ensure liboggplay returns data when all tracks
                 are deactivated when a callback reaches EOF.

bug523816.patch: Correct CMML data buffer size calculation.