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Bug 1518753 part 5 - Stop using JSProtoKey for initial shapes. r=tcampbell I added this optimization in bug 1299107 to share more shapes across compartments. Unfortunately this doesn't play well with same-compartment realms (ICs can misbehave) because it relies on compartments being isolated from each other. I think we should remove this optimization: * Fixing the IC issue is impossible without deoptimizing everything. * I added it mainly for chrome globals. The shared-JSM-global work has eliminated the need for this there. * Same-compartment realms win memory back by eliminating CCWs etc. * It's quite a lot of complicated code. Differential Revision:

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#include "gfxPlatform.h"         // for gfxPlatform
#include "mozilla/Assertions.h"  // for MOZ_ASSERT_HELPER2
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"  // for final
#include "mozilla/Module.h"      // for Module, Module::CIDEntry, etc
#include "mozilla/ModuleUtils.h"
#include "mozilla/mozalloc.h"        // for operator new
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"                // for nsCOMPtr
#include "nsError.h"                 // for NS_ERROR_NO_AGGREGATION, etc
#include "nsGfxCIID.h"               // for NS_FONT_ENUMERATOR_CID, etc
#include "nsID.h"                    // for NS_DEFINE_NAMED_CID, etc
#include "nsISupports.h"             // for NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS, etc
#include "nsThebesFontEnumerator.h"  // for nsThebesFontEnumerator



static const mozilla::Module::CIDEntry kThebesCIDs[] = {
    {&kNS_FONT_ENUMERATOR_CID, false, nullptr,

static const mozilla::Module::ContractIDEntry kThebesContracts[] = {
    {";1", &kNS_FONT_ENUMERATOR_CID}, {nullptr}};

static const mozilla::Module kThebesModule = {mozilla::Module::kVersion,

NSMODULE_DEFN(nsGfxModule) = &kThebesModule;