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Bug 1518753 part 5 - Stop using JSProtoKey for initial shapes. r=tcampbell I added this optimization in bug 1299107 to share more shapes across compartments. Unfortunately this doesn't play well with same-compartment realms (ICs can misbehave) because it relies on compartments being isolated from each other. I think we should remove this optimization: * Fixing the IC issue is impossible without deoptimizing everything. * I added it mainly for chrome globals. The shared-JSM-global work has eliminated the need for this there. * Same-compartment realms win memory back by eliminating CCWs etc. * It's quite a lot of complicated code. Differential Revision:

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#include "mozilla/EnumSet.h"
#include "mozilla/EnumTypeTraits.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace gfx {

// This set of flags is used to figure out what information a frame has
// that is relevant to hit-testing in the compositor. The flags are
// intentionally set up so that if all of them are 0 the item is effectively
// invisible to hit-testing, and no information for this frame needs to be
// sent to the compositor.
// Each enumerator is annotated with the value it contributes to an
// EnumSet (2 ^ <value of enumerator>), in hexadecimal.
enum class CompositorHitTestFlags : uint8_t {
  // The frame participates in hit-testing
  eVisibleToHitTest = 0,  // 0x001
  // The frame requires main-thread handling for events
  eDispatchToContent,  // 0x002

  // The touch action flags are set up so that the default of
  // touch-action:auto on an element leaves all the flags as 0.
  eTouchActionPanXDisabled,           // 0x004
  eTouchActionPanYDisabled,           // 0x008
  eTouchActionPinchZoomDisabled,      // 0x010
  eTouchActionDoubleTapZoomDisabled,  // 0x020

  // The frame is a scrollbar or a subframe inside a scrollbar (including
  // scroll thumbs)
  eScrollbar,  // 0x040
  // The frame is a scrollthumb. If this is set then eScrollbar will also be
  // set, unless gecko somehow generates a scroll thumb without a containing
  // scrollbar.
  eScrollbarThumb,  // 0x080
  // If eScrollbar is set, this flag indicates if the scrollbar is a vertical
  // one (if set) or a horizontal one (if not set)
  eScrollbarVertical,  // 0x100

  // Events targeting this frame should only be processed if a target
  // confirmation is received from the main thread. If no such confirmation
  // is received within a timeout period, the event may be dropped.
  // Only meaningful in combination with eDispatchToContent.
  eRequiresTargetConfirmation,  // 0x200

using CompositorHitTestInfo = EnumSet<CompositorHitTestFlags, uint32_t>;

// A CompositorHitTestInfo with none of the flags set
constexpr CompositorHitTestInfo CompositorHitTestInvisibleToHit;

// Mask to check for all the touch-action flags at once
constexpr CompositorHitTestInfo CompositorHitTestTouchActionMask(

}  // namespace gfx

// Used for IPDL serialization. The 'value' have to be the biggest enum from
// CompositorHitTestFlags.
template <>
struct MaxEnumValue<::mozilla::gfx::CompositorHitTestFlags> {
  static constexpr unsigned int value = static_cast<unsigned int>(

namespace gfx {

// Checks if the CompositorHitTestFlags max enum value is less than N.
template <int N>
static constexpr bool DoesCompositorHitTestInfoFitIntoBits() {
  if (MaxEnumValue<CompositorHitTestInfo::valueType>::value < N) {
    return true;

  return false;
}  // namespace gfx

}  // namespace mozilla